There's A Not-So-Hidden Message In The ACC Football Media Guide

At a previous job, I spent a depressingly large chunk of my life poring through media guides. It was hell. There is too much information, and it is rarely complete, not always accurate, and its placement feels specifically designed to be in the last place you look for it. It worsened my vision and turned my brain to… » 7/21/15 9:18am 7/21/15 9:18am

When Basketball Media Guides Were Brutally Honest

Long ago, as a factchecker for a college basketball encyclopedia, I quickly learned to fear the SWAC. Its member schools' media guides, the official and often sole sources for history and statistics, were riddled with errors, omissions, typos, and for many seasons, simply weren't produced at all. The amateurishness… » 4/01/14 3:46pm 4/01/14 3:46pm