Memphis Undoes Decision To Honor John Calipari After Fans Whine

Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend for a career that has, over nearly 30 years, seen his teams advance to six Final Fours (two of them vacated) and win an NCAA title. Before Calipari coached Kentucky, however, he spent nine seasons at the University… »9/10/15 8:13pm9/10/15 8:13pm

Double-OT Miami Beach Bowl Ends In All-Out Fight Between BYU & Memphis

It's a Monday afternoon, and thus time for college football live from an MLB stadium. Today's Miami Beach Bowl between BYU and Memphis may have been this season's most exciting football game—Memphis hit a 55-yarder to stay alive and then grabbed a game-ending interception to seal a 55-48 win—but it's what happened… »12/22/14 6:17pm12/22/14 6:17pm

Cincinnati And UConn Said To Ponder Starting Yet Another Geographically Absurd Conference

With the Big East in full meltdown mode, two of the traditional basketball powers are considering a move to the ACC—or, barring that, UConn and Cincinnati will take their ball and go start their own conference, according to The Sporting News. The only flaw in this plan is that the new conference would blanket the… »12/15/12 8:49pm12/15/12 8:49pm

Memphis Coach's Explanation For NCAA Violation: "My Wife Was Yelling At Me"

Josh Pastner committed a no-no the other night: He tweeted the name of a recruit from the University of Memphis's official men's basketball Twitter account. NCAA rules prohibit coaches from discussing recruits until they sign, and even though the tweet was deleted quickly, the damage had been done. Pastner's offense… »4/19/12 2:15pm4/19/12 2:15pm

Memphis Basketball Announcer Accidentally Introduces "Head Coach Of The Memphis Tigers, John Calipari!"

The Memphis Tigers, coached by Josh Pastner, lost 76-72 to unranked (and undefeated) Murray State yesterday. John Calipari did not get credited with the loss, because John Calipari stopped coaching Memphis two and a half years ago, when Kentucky offered him $31.65 million and free membership to a country club.… »12/12/11 11:15am12/12/11 11:15am

Derrick Rose and John Calipari Are Paying Back Memphis Fans For That Title Game They Cheated Their Way Into

A strange, important thing happened in college basketball. A player, coach and athletic director at the heart of an academic scandal were actually punished. Not chastised in the usual NCAA sanction sense—no one cares about vacated wins or loss of scholarships—but actually forced to pay money. Money talks in college… »10/07/11 1:20pm10/07/11 1:20pm