Michael Jackson's Moonwalk Is Old Enough To Be Somebody's Ornery Dad 

This day in 1983 was the taping of the Motown 25 TV special. It was a great night, with performances from Stevie Wonder, a reunion for the Supremes, and a rare TV appearance from Marvin Gaye. But it was also an important night, because it was witness to a huge transformation. It was the first time Michael Jackson ever… » 3/25/15 5:35pm 3/25/15 5:35pm

Erik Spoelstra's Karaoke Strategy: Just Smile And Dance A Lot 

Former Heat swingman Shane Battier hosted his annual charity karaoke event last night, which means it's time for us to once again laugh at members of the Heat organization trying and mostly failing to sing pop songs. So far, the best performance to surface from the evening is Erik Spoelstra, joined by his… » 3/04/15 11:37am 3/04/15 11:37am

What's The Age Cutoff For Wearing Your Hat Backwards?

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Today, we're covering burger toppings, bread, shitting softballs, and more. » 11/04/14 2:45pm 11/04/14 2:45pm

Matt Kemp Used Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" As His Walk-Up Music

Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, whose ethnic background became a topic of discussion in the Donald Sterling audio portion we released earlier today, responded to the controversy in a subtle, but remarkable way: by changing his walk-up music at Dodger Stadium to Michael Jackson's "Black Or White." » 4/27/14 6:46pm 4/27/14 6:46pm

The Ohio State Marching Band's Michael Jackson Tribute Was Fantastic

Just a remarkable piece of choreography here from the Buckeye band at halftime of Saturday's win over Iowa. The show was a tribute to Michael Jackson (see the whole thing here), and the highlight was this moonwalking MJ silhouette. » 10/21/13 3:01pm 10/21/13 3:01pm

That Awful Michael Jackson Statue At Fulham's Stadium Will Be Removed

Happily, the eyesore is gone. Unhappily, it will not be vaporized, shoved into the Thames, flash-frozen and shattered by mallets, coated in fox blood and torn apart by famished hounds, shot into the sun, or melted down into a fine paste suitable for insulation. » 9/19/13 2:53pm 9/19/13 2:53pm

Top Recruit Says Coach Promised Him A Meeting With Michael Jackson

Da'Shawn Hand is the No. 1 ranked high school football player in the country, and he recently sat down with CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman to talk about what life as the prize of the Division I recruiting circuit has been like. It sounds like he's been meeting some pretty dumb people. » 6/03/13 6:06pm 6/03/13 6:06pm

That $5,000 Football "Signed By American Presidents" Is The Most…

If the federal case against him is accurate, Jesse Jackson Jr. is taking a fall in part because of his covetousness for a "football signed by American Presidents" valued at $5,000. The former U.S. Congressman from Illinois and a conspirator are accused of fraudulently raising campaign funds and using the money "for… » 2/16/13 1:30pm 2/16/13 1:30pm

Dancing Kid Absolutely Kills "Thriller" At Mariners Game

One day, many centuries from now and possibly never, the world will have had enough of the "Thriller" renditions, and they will cease to delight us all. Today is not that day. There's a good chance that this particular take, which was shot during a game at Safeco Field last week, was a Mariners PR plant and that we… » 7/08/11 12:20pm 7/08/11 12:20pm

It's About Time Michael Jackson Got A Statue At A Premier League Stadium

Fulham seems safe from relegation for now, but that doesn't mean they can't be a laughingstock. The club has announced it will unveil a statue of Michael Jackson at Craven Cottage, all because he was good friends with their Chairman. » 3/16/11 12:42pm 3/16/11 12:42pm

Incongruous Athlete Mix-Tape Theater: Toni Kukoc

Welcome to Incongruous Athlete Mix-Tape Theater, the frequent feature where we examine fan-made video love letters to athletes and their baffling soundtrack choices. Today's superstar: the Croatian Sensation, Toni Kukoc, set to Michael Jacksons's "Remember The Time." » 8/30/10 12:45pm 8/30/10 12:45pm

ECHL Team Should Stop Before We Get Enough

This is the jersey the Bakersfield Condors will embarrass themselves in tomorrow night for Michael Jackson night. The uniform also includes one white glove, and a lifetime of humiliation. [Icethetics] » 10/29/09 9:30pm 10/29/09 9:30pm

In A Time Of Mourning, Our Nation Turns Its Eyes To Jair Jurrjens

Earlier this summer, as you already know, pop culture icons Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died on the same day in a tragic and unexpected murder suicide. » 9/16/09 10:30am 9/16/09 10:30am

You Knew You Could Count On Shaq For A Micheal Jackson [Sic] Tribute

Shirtless men, plastic knives and the fight scene from "Beat It" — nothing not to like about this tribute video, produced by and starring Shaquille O'Neal. Added bonus: he one-ups Kobe's new sidekick. Kazaam! [Interactive Shaq] » 7/13/09 5:45pm 7/13/09 5:45pm

Off The Wall, Indeed: Ron Artest Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson

"Michael, Michael, Michael, you my nigga. I know a thug would cry for you, my dude. Aint no R&B singer really ever makes me cry. Makes me wanna meet you, touch your hand. Ya know?" [YouTube] » 7/06/09 6:30pm 7/06/09 6:30pm

Which Sports Death Would Affect Us Like MJ's?

I was as surprised by the reaction to Michael Jackson's death as I was the death itself, though I shouldn't have been. Is there anyone in sports whose death we'd react to in a similar way? » 6/30/09 12:30pm 6/30/09 12:30pm

Sad About Michael Jackson's Death? Tack An Andre Rison Jersey To His…

Yesterday, professional athletes and their Twitter universes reacted to Michael Jackson's death (some more than others), but this makeshift tribute at his childhood home in Gary, Indiana gives the tenuous sports-King Of Pop connection an absurd little twist. » 6/26/09 3:00pm 6/26/09 3:00pm

Michael Jackson Dies. Chad Johnson Says It's "Just As Sad As 9/11."

The LA Times is saying King of Pop Michael Jackson died today after suffering a heart attack. He was 50. Because this is a sports blog, here's a video, via NESW Sports, of Jackson playing one-on-one with Michael Jordan. RIP. » 6/25/09 6:30pm 6/25/09 6:30pm

Pointless Sunday Gallery Post: Things Dangled Out of Windows

So, hi. It's Sunday. I'm tired. You're tired. Or you're probably outside, sprawled out under a sycamore, drinking lemonade, daydreaming about that pretty fish you caught one time at the big lake, as a young woman paints your toes. » 6/14/09 2:19pm 6/14/09 2:19pm