"Look At Me, Motherfucker. Look At Me When You Apologize!": Lil Wayne…

DirecTV's Celebrity Beach Bowl is, like most sponsored Super Bowl events in the host city, an overblown branding exercise that could only be interesting to the most naive of hayseeds. There are exceptions, though, like when Lil Wayne has a meltdown on a spectator during a trophy ceremony, Desmond Howard tries (and… » 2/03/13 9:30am 2/03/13 9:30am

Pro Football Hall Of Fame Calls Up Sapp, Parcells, Ogden, Allen and…

The NFL's next Hall of Fame class, just announced, has a few dudes the TV made famous. There's Bill Parcells, who made a coaching career of winning two Super Bowls with the Giants and then convincing other teams believe he might ever do it again; Cris* Carter, who just proved that even Jerry Rice Lite was Hall of Fame… » 2/02/13 7:24pm 2/02/13 7:24pm

Gaah! Michael Strahan's Fingers Will Haunt Your Dreams

Given the nature of our content this week, we were looking for videos of golden retriever puppies prancing about in a field to end the day here, but then we came across this, and we decided to horrify you once again. It's no secret that Michael Strahan (and plenty of other pro football players) suffer from mangled… » 11/10/11 8:30pm 11/10/11 8:30pm

PIck Through The Remnants Of Michael Strahan's Life

We have stayed up many late nights, hoping, praying, that somehow, Giants defensive lineman Tooth McTootherson and his wife /ex-wife / wife Jean Strahan could figure out a way to solve their marriage. It's like you just can't have faith in the institution anymore! As if accusations of gay sex with prominent African… » 9/12/07 3:00pm 9/12/07 3:00pm