Tony Kubek Once Brought A Camera To Spring Training, Then Mantle Farted

In the 1960s, the likelihood of taking at least one photograph of Mickey Mantle ripping — or pretending to rip — a fart during spring training was, evidently, quite high. Perhaps LIFE magazine's editors weren't aware of this, because in February 1961 they handed 25-year-old shortstop Tony Kubek a professional-grade… » 2/18/14 3:34pm 2/18/14 3:34pm

Sports Figures And Sports Books Are No Longer Notable

Grant Wahl noticed today that the New York Times found no nonfiction sports titles among its 100 notable books of the year ... for the third straight year. » 11/28/13 2:46pm 11/28/13 2:46pm

See Ya, Mick: The Best Photo Ever Taken Of A Great Athlete in Decline

All the recent hoopla around Mariano Rivera's retirement brings to mind other, crappier ways that famous athletes have elected to leave the game(s) they love. » 9/24/13 4:11pm 9/24/13 4:11pm

For Sale: A Mickey Mantle Bat Inscribed “Merry Christmas Cocksucker”

It's been quite a year for Mickey Mantle bats. Earlier, we had the corked-bat auction and now we have this: a bat allegedly signed by The Mick with the note "Merry Christmas cocksucker." » 7/07/13 7:15pm 7/07/13 7:15pm

The Yankee Bullshitters: What Joe D, Yogi, And Mickey Were Really Like

Last week gave a short post on the late, great Lenny Shecter. Now, for a real taste of his no-bullshit style, here's an excerpt from "The Flower of America" chapter of his 1969 book of essays, The Jocks. » 7/01/13 5:00pm 7/01/13 5:00pm

Bob Costas's Eulogy For Stan Musial Was Midwestern Sports Reverence At…

The gee whiz school of sports coverage has lost ground for years to the aw nuts crowd, largely because fans and media alike don't like playing the patsy to athletes' bogus lore. Lance was doping. Bobby Thomson stole signs. Manti was mourning a photograph with a nice voice. What's the world coming to when you can't… » 1/26/13 6:34pm 1/26/13 6:34pm

Teens' Dispute Over Mickey Mantle Card Leads To Fork Stabbing

A 17-year-old boy from central Pennsylvania faces "assault and harassment charges after jamming the fork into a fellow teen's arm while they fought over a Mickey Mantle baseball card." Hardcore, kids. What's wrong with a simple noogie? [AP] » 12/02/11 11:20am 12/02/11 11:20am

Never-Before-Seen Spring Training Photos Of Yogi Berra And The '61…

Before the start of the 1961 baseball season, which ended with the Yankees' 19th World Series title, LIFE Magazine gave a camera to 25-year-old Yankee shortstop Tony Kubek and asked him to take portraits of his teammates. He shot Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Roger Maris, Whitey Ford, and others at the team's spring… » 10/20/11 11:45am 10/20/11 11:45am

When Mays And Mantle Were Banned From Baseball: Putting A-Rod's…

As Alex Rodriguez stays in the headlines because he's Alex Rodriguez (even though he wasn't actually at the high-stakes poker game mentioned in the tabloids since he was playing in the World Series at the time), the real story is the re-emergence of baseball's complicated relationship with gambling. But if MLB were to… » 8/05/11 2:45pm 8/05/11 2:45pm

Mickey Mantle's "Outstanding Event" At Yankee Stadium Is Lewdly…

From Letters of Note comes this noteworthy correspondence exchange between the New York Yankees and a retired Mickey Mantle in Dec. 1972. The team sent a two-statement fill-in-the-blank survey in advance of Yankee Stadium's 50th anniversary. » 2/02/11 10:30pm 2/02/11 10:30pm

Mantle, Maris Didn't Have As Good A '61 As We Thought

SABR research already took away one of Roger Maris's RBIs from 1961, and now the archives discover another mistake that changes the league leader. Baseball nerds only beyond this point. » 7/27/10 3:45pm 7/27/10 3:45pm

The Day The Tigers Gave Mickey Mantle A Gold Watch Home Run

Of all the allegations levied in Selena Roberts' A-Rod book, the "pitch-tipping" ones seem to really be aggravating baseball's outspoken virgin snow committee. Here's a pitch-tipping story that won't turn your stomach. » 5/09/09 3:02pm 5/09/09 3:02pm

Mantle Family Brings Mickey's F-Yogi Ball Home

In a kind of stunning development in the "Fuck Yogi" ball auction, it appears the Mantle family swooped in and paid the $2,750 to buy the ball from Grey Flannel Auctions. » 2/26/09 4:00pm 2/26/09 4:00pm