Minor League Hockey Team Buries Owner, GM Alive To Sell Season Tickets

Last year, the Arizona Sundogs—the Central Hockey League affiliate of the Phoenix Coyotes—put their co-owner, GM, captain, and marketing director in a scissor lift until they sold 300 season tickets. (It took six grueling days, but they did it.) The Sundogs have another stunt this year, but this time, people are being… »6/18/14 10:30pm6/18/14 10:30pm

Fans Sue Arena After Video Reveals Large And Small Beers Are Same Size

Above is a video taken Saturday night at an ECHL Idaho Steelheads game. It shows fans pouring a $7 large beer into a $4 small cup, and discovering that each holds exactly the same amount of liquid. Now the arena is facing a lawsuit, because rule number one in sports is that you don't shortchange hockey fans on beer. »3/13/14 8:37am3/13/14 8:37am

The Triplets From Baby Geniuses Will Play College Hockey Together

I don't need to remind of you Baby Geniuses, one of the all-time great Oscar snubs. (American Beauty won that year, which, *fart noise*.) Some babies get smart, and get up to hijinks, and Dom DeLuise is in it, and it's all held together by the star turns of the Fitzgerald triplets, playing separated-at-birth twins… »4/01/13 2:09pm4/01/13 2:09pm

Minor League Hockey Team's Beer-Chugging Intermission Show Results In Fans Puking On The Ice

The Rapid City (S.D.) Rush of the independent Central Hockey League coughed up a brilliant idea for their intermission entertainment Friday night. It was the Rush's annual College Night, so the team's brain trust thought it would be a blast to stage what was billed as The College Olympics. The premise? Select… »1/24/13 1:45pm1/24/13 1:45pm

Hockey Fight That Starts As A Whole Team Against One Player Eventually Envelops Everyone On Both Teams, Including Trainers

"Referees grabbing one guy, I don't know why he's grabbing one guy, there's about 50 guys involved," says the announcer about midway through this vast, all-encompassing hockey brawl between the Hunstville Havoc and the Mississippi Surge of the Southern Professional Hockey League. The answer is that you have to start… »12/29/12 6:30pm12/29/12 6:30pm