Was This Column On Twerking Written By Mitch Albom Or Abe Simpson?

Remember when Miley Cyrus twerked and we had big discussions on What It Meant? It seems like so long ago in internet time. Anyway, Mitch Albom used his Sunday column space to tackle this crazy newfangled twerking. » 9/08/13 5:10pm 9/08/13 5:10pm

Mitch Albom Is The Meat In Baseball's Dumbfuck Stew

I'm gonna preface all this by telling you that I don't really watch baseball, nor do I particularly care who won the AL MVP award. But the beauty of reading a terrible Mitch Albom column is that you don't HAVE to know much about anything, because Mitch will always deliberately know less than you. Mitch writes for a… » 11/16/12 1:45pm 11/16/12 1:45pm

Note To Starbucks Baristas Everywhere: If You Find Yourself Serving…

Mitch Albom, America's favorite fun-sized poetastering fabulist, decided to use his Sunday column space in the shrinking Detroit Free Press to whine about America's service workers in the haughtiest fashion possible. » 6/19/12 12:04pm 6/19/12 12:04pm

The Five Geniuses You Meet In Heaven: Mitch Albom Discovers The Apple…

After that whole thing about him winning a Red Smith Award that he probably shouldn't have won, Albom's stayed out of the spotlight. Or, wait, no: He's written a play and developed a TNT show. And, somewhere along the way, he found time to visit the Apple Store and write about it. » 5/25/11 3:00pm 5/25/11 3:00pm

Joe Posnanski Brings Himself To Say A Few Nice Things About Mitch Albom

Of a guy he doesn't much like, Posnanski writes: "Mitch Albom inspired me to become a sportswriter. Mitch Albom inspired many of my friends to become sportswriters....[H]e is one of the most influential sportswriters in the history of American newspapers." » 7/26/10 4:30pm 7/26/10 4:30pm

Last Night's Winner: Whatever's Left Of Sportswriting's Conscience

In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like Dave Kindred, who the other day threw some heat at Mitch Albom's bean and gave us moderate hope that the sportswriting establishment isn't completely out to lunch. » 7/20/10 12:15pm 7/20/10 12:15pm

Mitch Albom Is The Greatest Writer Who Occasionally Writes About Sports

Mitch Albom says he might write a book about sports some day. You know, if he can manage to squeeze his day job into the down time between TV appearances and production meetings. He's got a lot on his plate. » 6/30/10 5:15pm 6/30/10 5:15pm

Mitch Albom Threatens America With Another Book

He has apparently moved on from bumper-bowling theology and returned his attention to sportswriting: "Albom said he might one day write a book tracing the arc of sports journalism from daily newspapers to the Internet and instant updates." [Salt Lake Tribune] » 6/28/10 4:05pm 6/28/10 4:05pm

One Person You Meet On His High Horse

Mitch Albom weighs in on TMZ Sports and the good ol' days of sports journalism: "Maybe the old method wasn't telling the whole story. But at least we weren't manufacturing it." Isn't it pretty to think so? [Freep] » 12/28/09 11:45am 12/28/09 11:45am

Albom Comes Alive!

In addition to being a very successful author for Oprah's army and a person who was a classically trained journalist at a prestigious institution, Mitch Albom moonlights as a rock star dwarf. [Mental Floss] » 8/25/09 8:15am 8/25/09 8:15am

Two Sportswriters You Meet In Hell

Yesterday, we shared with you one delightful tale about Phil Mickelson and everyone's favorite deadline Napoleon, Mike Lupica. To this, a SportsJournalists.com anonym has added another — one in which Mitch Albom makes a cameo, and Loopy gets his comeuppance. » 6/25/09 11:00am 6/25/09 11:00am

Media Approval Ratings: Mitch Albom

Back when we were rehearsing on this here site, trying to talk the overlords into Gawker Media into the notion that a sports blog might not be a terrible idea, one of our first posts was about Mitch Albom's little ethical lapse at the Detroit Free Press. The surprise to us at the time was less than Albom had pulled… » 3/18/08 1:05pm 3/18/08 1:05pm

Poofy-Haired Gnome Takes Kevin Hart to Task

Diminutive, exploiter of dying old men-novelist and Detroit Free Press "columnist" Mitch Albom jumped up on a stack of a phone books in order to impart some moral judgment about sad recruitment faker Kevin Hart. Albom, pumped full of rock star ego thanks to Oprah Winfrey's fanbase embracing him like their… » 2/10/08 1:31pm 2/10/08 1:31pm

Mitch Albom: Still Full Of Gooey Crap

Slate's Bryan Curtis, fine critic of brunch and one-time Deadspin contributor, uses his column this week to sink his claws into the infamous Mitch Albom, and he absolutely shreds him. Some highlights: » 9/29/06 12:45pm 9/29/06 12:45pm

Viva Los Mitch Albom Haters!

Those of you who hate Mitch Albom, be advised — your reason for living has returned. After a five-month layoff, the blog Mitch Albom is a Terrible Writer has returned — full of vim, vigor and gleeful contempt for its subject, the author and columnist for the Detroit Free Press. Excerpt:

» 12/28/05 4:15pm 12/28/05 4:15pm

We became familiar with…

Sorry. We're Not Done With Mitch Albom Yet

Even though we wrote about it recently, we still can't stop thinking about that time Mitch Albom made up a bunch of stuff and turned it in as a column. Like, we're still supposed to read him after that. » 9/22/05 2:23pm 9/22/05 2:23pm

Why Your Hometown Columnist Sucks: Mitch Albom

To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, your local sports columnist is like Larry of the Three Stooges: You don't really need him, but it wouldn't be the same without him. We always vow to use our powers for good, so we part the newsprint curtain each Tuesday and examines a different lousy local columnist. Who knows — next we… » 9/20/05 2:37pm 9/20/05 2:37pm