Major Leaguer Says What We're All Thinking, Likely To Be Fined For It

Jack Cust: "It's kind of funny they spent all that money on the Mitchell Report and a bunch of hearsay and the guy who made all the money off it happened to work for the Red Sox." [AP] » 8/19/09 1:00am 8/19/09 1:00am

What Did Jim Parque Do Wrong Again?

Former White Sox pitcher Jim Parque has a very lengthy mea culpa in the Chicago Sun-Times today, apologizing to his teammates, family, the entire sporting world, several deities, and his barber, because he took HGH for a month in 2003. » 7/23/09 1:25pm 7/23/09 1:25pm

Miguel Tejada Charged With Lying To Congress

Remember the Mitchell Report and Miguel Tejada's starring role in it? Well, Congress sure does, because they say the report proves that Miggy lied to them. Uh oh. » 2/10/09 1:50pm 2/10/09 1:50pm

Kirk Radomski Has No Doubt That Roger Clemens Is Lying Through His…

Kirk Radomski's new book "Bases Loaded" is about his life as a high-end dope dealer for major league players. A large chunk of his promotional tour appears to be knee-capping Roger Clemens. » 1/20/09 1:45pm 1/20/09 1:45pm

Peter Gammons Rocking Out The Mitchell Report Blues

We'll get into Roger Clemens more a little bit later — because we know you can just never get enough Roger Clemens and steroids talk, obviously — but we wanted to take a moment to salute Peter Gammons, everyone's favorite Andrew Jackson-impersonating, hard-rockin' baseball reporter. » 1/08/08 1:35pm 1/08/08 1:35pm

Kirk Radomski Is In Your Extended Network

This analysis of the names in the Mitchell Report? Yeah, we're not done with it yet. Slate compiled a nifty little web graph — an "interweb," if you will — of how the players heard about the butt-needling services of one Kirk Radomski. It's color coded and everything. » 12/22/07 1:45pm 12/22/07 1:45pm

Curt Schilling Isn't Sure His Thoughts On The Mitchell Report, But He…

We had no sooner told you about the past rock stylings of Curt Schilling when he decided to unleash an epic rant about the Mitchell Report. » 12/20/07 11:40am 12/20/07 11:40am

LoDuca Will Dodge Your Questions, And Cars

While we're on the steroid beat, DC Sports Bog has a pretty amazing snippet of a Paul LoDuca conversation from the day before the Mitchell Report came out. When in danger, or threatened, just make sure to almost be hit by a car. » 12/19/07 11:40am 12/19/07 11:40am

This T-Shirt Will Inject You With Something

A reader sends in this T-shirt he had signed about 20 years ago. It features signatures from Jose Canseco, Mo Vaughn and Roger Clemens, all three of which were prominently featured in the Mitchell Report last week. » 12/18/07 4:40pm 12/18/07 4:40pm

The End Of Roger Clemens. Finally.

We think ESPN's Jayson Stark had the most comprehensive and dead-on take on the Mitchell Report, particularly the public perception that those names in the report are guilty without a shadow of a doubt despite evidence that wouldn't even stand up in a civil case. Not that it really matters; we wanted our pound of… » 12/14/07 10:40am 12/14/07 10:40am