Mo Williams, Of All People, Scored 52 Points Last Night

The Elias Sports Bureau says that the 15-game losing streak Wolves guard Mo Williams broke with his 52-point explosion last night is the longest ever broken by a 50-point game. The second-longest was an 11-gamer, in 1962, broken by Wilt Chamberlain. That's a neatly truth-telling factoid: Only a team as unutterably… » 1/14/15 10:14am 1/14/15 10:14am

Blazers Win In Overtime, Mo Williams Wants To Fight Someone

The Rockets and Blazers went to overtime for the third time this series tonight and Portland beat Houston 123-120 in the extra session. The Blazers now lead the series 3-1. » 4/28/14 1:12am 4/28/14 1:12am

Four-Team Trade Sends Lamar Odom To The Clippers, ESPN Searching For…

The Mavericks sent disgruntled power forward/Kardashian sweetheart to the Los Angeles Clippers in a deal including four teams. The Clippers sent Mo Williams to the Utah Jazz who in turn received the draft rights to Shan Foster from the Mavericks. Dallas received the draft rights to Tadija Dragićević, who is not the… » 6/30/12 2:30pm 6/30/12 2:30pm

Baron Davis Traded To Cleveland, Some 2,300 Miles Away From Donald…

Clippers guard Baron Davis, who has averaged 12.8 points and 7 assists this season — with some credit due to Blake Griffin's ability to finish close to the basket — is headed to Cleveland, along with a first-round draft pick. The Cavs are sending Mo Williams and Jamario Moon. Davis, who is nursing a swollen left knee,… » 2/24/11 12:35pm 2/24/11 12:35pm

LeBron Watch, Day 2: No, Seriously, Mo Williams Runs A Pit Bull Business

A comment in Friday's LeBron Watch about Mo Williams sparks conversation on the Internets, serving as a reminder that every joke's got a bit of truth to it. » 5/22/10 12:30pm 5/22/10 12:30pm

Who Wouldn't Want A Mo Williams Tall Tee?

Alex is the biggest Cavaliers fan that he knows, and he prefers to wear his passion in the form of homemade clothing dotted with references to LeBron's Team. » 5/30/09 6:00pm 5/30/09 6:00pm