Internet Man Flays Post-Human ESPN Shithead Darren Rovell By Tunelessly Singing His Dumb Tweets (UPDATE: There's More)

Post-human business doof Darren Rovell did some tweets tonight, like he does whenever a dollar farts. They were bad and bland in their undressed form, but Twitter user @trillballins spiced them up with dramatic vocals and now I love them. Consider this asinine joke our dude probably drafted a week ago.

Serena Williams Makes Cameo Appearance In Beyoncé Lemonade Video

Tonight’s much-anticipated but mysterious HBO program Lemonade has proven—we think—to be Beyoncé’s upcoming album in longform video. One track (Update: now that the tracklist is out it appears to be titled “Sorry”) featured Serena Williams as a featured dancer; here it is, with lyrics (via closed captioning) below.…

Prince's 1991 MTV Video Awards Performance Is The Maybe The Sexiest Thing Ever Aired On TV

The 1991 MTV Video Music Awards marked a major turning point for the direction of music. Not only did a so-called “alternative” group (R.E.M.) sweep most of the awards, but the other nominees—ranging from Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” to Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”—helped stage the music promotions business for almost a…