Tony Scheffler Retires, Citing Three Concussions

Lions tight end Tony Scheffler has announced his retirement, citing the three concussions he suffered during his NFL career as the reason he's walking away from the game. Below is a 2011 story from Nate Jackson, a former teammate of Scheffler's, offering a behind-the-scenes look at one of the nights Scheffler was… » 6/11/14 3:59pm 6/11/14 3:59pm

The Most Honest Book About Football You'll Read All Year

Former Bronco Nate Jackson's book is out today, and it's an exceptional memoir of life on the NFL's margins. You'll find out what it's like hiding injuries to make a roster, waiting for the year's annual drug test to pass so players can start smoking, and what a dickbag Eric Mangini is. Slow Getting Up has earned rave » 9/17/13 4:33pm 9/17/13 4:33pm

The Fake Outrage Over Fake Injuries; Or, How To Piss On An NFL Sideline…

Faking injuries in the NFL is a time-honored method of stopping the momentum of an opponent and giving your own team a much-needed breather. It's like calling a timeout in basketball when the other team is on a big run. Since football doesn't have the luxury of all those silly 20-second timeouts, the 20-second timeout… » 9/23/11 3:49pm 9/23/11 3:49pm

You Are Not In A Happy Place: A Player's Farewell To The NFL Preseason

Preseason doesn't matter. For fans, training camp and exhibitions are patiently endured, on the way to the games that are real—games that count for standings, for fantasies, for anything, really. The stories of professional football ambitions go untold. What is interesting about interviewing Peyton Manning again about… » 9/07/11 2:20pm 9/07/11 2:20pm

Dear Roger Goodell: This Is What A Typical NFL Career Looks Like

Roger Goodell recently took to the pulpit to debunk the popularly held notion that an NFL player's career lasts 3.5 years. The truth, Roger says, is that if you make an opening day roster as a rookie, your career will last almost six years; if you get drafted in the first round, it's nine years; and if you make a Pro… » 4/26/11 4:45pm 4/26/11 4:45pm