The Olympics Were Basically A Two-Week Freudian Therapy Session

NBC's final tally, via Slate's Sap-o-Meter: 107 combined mentions of "father" and "dad," 103 of "mother" and "mom," and 64 mentions of "dream" (the single sappiest word of these Games). How does that make you feel? [Slate] » 3/01/10 10:20am 3/01/10 10:20am

Russian Bobsledder A Little Too Pleased By Canadian Wipeout

The dirty unspoken secret of the Olympics is that for every frightening, bone-rattling, face-scraping wipeout, there's a thrilled athlete whose road to glory just got a little bit smoother. The trick is to not seem too thrilled about it. » 2/25/10 1:45pm 2/25/10 1:45pm

Vonn Crashes (Again) And Other Things You Already Know, But NBC Will…

So that happened, but it's being shown again tonight on NBC, so feign appropriate levels of disappointment to give support to NBC's advertising sponsors. It's the least you can do. » 2/24/10 7:20pm 2/24/10 7:20pm

Everyone Will See Live Hockey On Friday, NBC Says

From a memo just sent to NBC Uni staff: "The USA semifinal men's hockey game against the winner of the Czech Republic vs. Finland will be broadcast live in all time zones on NBC this Friday at 3 p.m. ET." » 2/24/10 6:34pm 2/24/10 6:34pm

Why Won't NBC Follow Its Own Advice On Live Broadcasts?

Don't read this post if you plan to watch the USA-Switzerland game at a time that is not when it's happening, which is now. Unless you want to stand around the Big Internet Twitter Cooler that all the kids love. » 2/24/10 3:05pm 2/24/10 3:05pm

NBC's Olympic Coverage Gives Word To Your Mother

Joannie Rochette's teary-eyed ice skating routine almost short-circuited this morning's Sap-o-meter. Seven mentions of "mom" in one night ties a record for this year's Winter Games. 10 mentions of "mother" shatters the previous mark. [Slate] » 2/24/10 1:10pm 2/24/10 1:10pm

With One Raised Digit, Tom Brokaw Inadvertently Expresses NBC's…

Here's Brokaw — NBC mascot, author of The Bestest Generation Ever, bewildered old man who occasionally wanders onto the Olympics set — gesturing during a fireside après-ski. Perfect. The network is basically an old guy giving you the finger, anyway. » 2/23/10 7:30pm 2/23/10 7:30pm

NBC To West Coast Hockey Fans: "Kiss Our Moose!"

Ready for some fresh NBC outrage? Just wait until tomorrow, when Oregon discovers that the broadcast for USA Hockey's quarterfinal doesn't start until three hours after the actual game does. I understand hockey really comes to life on the radio. » 2/23/10 4:45pm 2/23/10 4:45pm

The Olympics Have Daddy Issues

Slate's Sap-o-Meter reports: "Cumulatively, the words father, dad, and son were uttered a staggering 47 times between Friday and Sunday," largely on the strength of an Apolo Ohno feature. The Winter Olympics are the new baseball. [Slate] » 2/22/10 1:30pm 2/22/10 1:30pm

Stories That Don't Suck: Seduced By Ebersol, Produced By Arledge, Fish,…

Every week, I'll excerpt a handful of stories — old and new, sports and otherwise, relevant and merely sublime — that I urge you to read for one reason or another. Send any suggestions to » 2/20/10 6:25pm 2/20/10 6:25pm

Lindsey Vonn Crashes, And Other Things You Already Know But NBC Will…

Cheese-legged Lindsey Vonn lost her right ski and crashed in the slalom portion of the super-combined. Germany's Maria Riesch took gold, and Julia Mancuso won silver. (But shhhh, don't tell anyone.) » 2/18/10 7:15pm 2/18/10 7:15pm

NBC Outrage Update: Dick Ebersol Agrees With You! (Eight Years Ago)

New York Times readers are begging the New York Times to stop posting Olympics results on their front page, because they just want to get news about Pakistan without having their TV evening ruined by sports spoilers. Too bad! » 2/18/10 4:45pm 2/18/10 4:45pm

Olbermann's Response To Viewer's Olbermann-Based NBC Outrage:…

Earlier a reader complained that yesterday's Canada-Norway hockey game on MSNBC was bumped to another channel, without warning, so that "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" could begin on time. Here's a programming note: Keith Olbermann is not amused by your lies. » 2/17/10 4:20pm 2/17/10 4:20pm

NBC Responds To Olympic Complaints: "You Can't Please Everybody"

NBC has heard your complaints, America, and they have a message for those who are whining about the dearth of live event coverage at the Winter Olympics: We don't really care. » 2/17/10 3:30pm 2/17/10 3:30pm

Even Hates NBC's Olympic Coverage

Reader Alex sends this screenshot from NBC's Olympics web site. Please note the Olympic Pulse at bottom, featuring a tweet from alpine skier Jake Zamansky. NBC is now punching itself in the face. [, @jakezamansky] » 2/17/10 3:15pm 2/17/10 3:15pm

Readers Share Even More NBC Olympic Outrage

Deadspin readers have been writing in all day to complain about NBC and their less than comprehensive coverage of the Winter Olympics. I've compiled some of the angriest rants for your enjoyment. » 2/17/10 1:50pm 2/17/10 1:50pm

NBC's "Boss Button" Guaranteed To Get You Fired For Watching Olympics…

We've received a lot more complaints about NBC that will be shared with you a little later, but this one is particularly amusing and pretty symbolic of the network's general ineptitude this Olympic season. » 2/17/10 10:00am 2/17/10 10:00am

Lindsey Jacobellis DQ'd, And Other Things You Already Know But NBC Will…

People without access to the internet or cable television or the outside world in general don't know it yet, but snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis drifted off course today and lost her chance at what Tom Brokaw couldn't wait to call "redemption." » 2/16/10 7:25pm 2/16/10 7:25pm

Winter Olympics Still Overcome With Triumph, Cancer, And Dreams

Just like they did in 2008, Slate is highlighting those sticky sweet story lines Olympic broadcasters unconsciously toss out there to give even the dullest of events that special heart-tugging sheen.[Slate] » 2/16/10 5:20pm 2/16/10 5:20pm