Why The NFL Considered Ndamukong Suh A First-Time Offender

Yesterday, Lions DT Ndamukong Suh successfully appealed his one-game suspension for twice stepping on the injured leg of Aaron Rodgers. There is legitimate debate to be had over whether Suh deserved to be suspended for this weekend's playoff game; there is no debate that Suh has a reputation as one of the dirtiest… » 12/31/14 9:07am 12/31/14 9:07am

Ndamukong Suh Crashes Car, Introduces America To Quipster Cop

Early Saturday morning in Portland, Ndamukong Suh lost control of his car (pictured), hitting a tree, a lightpole and a water fountain. Suh was presumably spending his two week Goodell-imposed vacation at home with his family. Or cruising around Portland's "night club district" in his muscle car at 1:15 a.m. As any… » 12/04/11 1:39pm 12/04/11 1:39pm

Men Whose Job It Is To Hurt Quarterbacks Chided For Being Happy When…

I get that Lions-Falcons was the closest thing to a matchup of two winning teams yesterday, and that both are likely to be vying for the same limited wild card slots, so we should have expected a competitive game, bordering on the chippy. But what we got—Matt Ryan getting his ankle rolled up, and two Lions linesman… » 10/24/11 11:05am 10/24/11 11:05am