The NCAA's Enforcement Division Is A Mess, And That's A Good Thing

This week's Sports Illustrated (print edition) includes a lengthy rundown of the bureaucratic troubles plaguing the NCAA's enforcement division. SI's take: That the ineptitude created by these troubles is preventing the NCAA from properly administering its rulebook. SI treats this as a problem, as something we all… »6/12/13 7:42pm6/12/13 7:42pm


The NCAA's Miami Investigation Didn't Actually Stop Using Unethical Methods When It Claimed It Did

The NCAA fucked up its investigation of Miami in oh so many ways. But the single largest fuck-up, the one that required a timeout in the case for an outside investigation of its practices, was the NCAA paying the lawyer of imprisoned booster Nevin Shapiro to help them gather evidence. The independent probe found that… »3/28/13 10:59am3/28/13 10:59am

NCAA Investigator Asked Judge To Take It Easy On Convicted Ponzi Schemer Nevin Shapiro

An NCAA investigator wrote a letter on Nevin Shapiro's behalf before his 2011 sentencing, the Associated Press reported last night. This should feel surprising: The NCAA is nominally devoted to preserving beautiful, ancient Greek ideals: competitive integrity, athletic amateurism, and scholarship, while Nevin Shapiro… »3/07/13 4:00pm3/07/13 4:00pm

NCAA Had Nevin Shapiro's Defense Attorney On Its Payroll, Suspends Miami Investigation

Not a good day for the NCAA. The enforcement program, the hired guns responsible for investigating and recommending penalties for NCAA infractions, has come under its own scrutiny. The probe into the University of Miami booster scandal has been put on hold today, as president Mark Emmert announced a number of problems… »1/23/13 2:10pm1/23/13 2:10pm

Here's Luther Campbell's Lawsuit Against Nevin Shapiro

Uncle Luke already told Little Luke to kiss his ass, but now he's following through with something a little more potent: a defamation lawsuit. Campbell says Shapiro slandered him when he told Yahoo that Campbell "took care" of Miami players in the same financial ways Shapiro did. Campbell, who's always denied anything… »9/21/11 11:45am9/21/11 11:45am

Former Miami Walk-On Calls Out The NCAA's Hypocritical Racket

"The NCAA has duped people into believing this multibillion-dollar industry is pursued for the sake of amateurism. It's a total sham. The coaches aren't amateurs, the administrators aren't amateurs, the corporate sponsors and media companies aren't amateurs. The only 'amateurs' involved are the guys doing all the… »8/18/11 5:15pm8/18/11 5:15pm

Two Fellows Very Surprised By The Miami Allegations: Luke Campbell And Al Golden

Nevin Shapiro, even behind bars, takes pride in the fact that Miami players referred to him as "Little Luke." Not because he so horny, but because he so generous with his money when it came to taking care of the Hurricanes. Naturally, the first place we look to for reaction this morning is to Big Luke. »8/17/11 12:40pm8/17/11 12:40pm