The Giants Lost In A Way No Team Has In Over 50 Years

The Saints and Giants disrespected the entire concept of defense in football Sunday as they combined for 101 total points in a 52-49 New Orleans win. Drew Brees threw seven passing touchdowns; Eli Manning threw six. Since only one team could win, the Giants ended up scoring the second-most points in any game on Sunday… »11/02/15 2:44pm11/02/15 2:44pm

Cops: Deputies Ignored NFLer Who Taunted, Then Sprayed Champagne At Clubgoers

New Orleans police are investigating what happened at a New Orleans nightclub this week after a couple said Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan harassed one of them, then sprayed both with champagne. The police released their initial report today, and it includes several snicker-inducing details, like when the… »9/09/15 7:20pm9/09/15 7:20pm

Junior Galette's Twitter Rant Savages Sean Payton And The Saints

Linebacker Junior Galette was shockingly told by the Saints on Friday that he will be released before training camp. Galette signed a new contract last fall, and since New Orleans will have to swallow nearly $18 million of his salary, they must have been truly sick of him. The feeling’s mutual; on Saturday Galette… »7/27/15 8:59am7/27/15 8:59am

NFL's Benjamin Watson: Remove The Confederate Flag For The Right Reasons

Saints tight end Benjamin Watson is particularly engaged with current events—his thoughts after the decision not to bring charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown still stand up, and managed to find support from all sides. Today, he wrote about the swelling movement to take down the Confederate battle flag from… »6/22/15 3:35pm6/22/15 3:35pm

Darren Sharper May Be Subject To Penis Monitoring Until He Dies

Convicted rapist Darren Sharper will serve nine years in prison for his crimes, but he won’t return to a regular life after he finishes his sentence. If two New Orleans judges approve the deal instead of issuing a 20-year sentence in Louisiana, Sharper will be treated as a sex offender, and closely monitored for the… »4/10/15 11:10am4/10/15 11:10am