Nick Swisher Will Take His Goofball Show To Cleveland

It's a sad day for baseball fans—Nick Swisher is going to the Cleveland Indians for what could possibly be a five year, $70 million deal. Unfortunately, Cleveland being Cleveland, we will likely never see Swish again. With that hard truth in mind, we bid a fond (or not so fond, whatever) farewell to the rubberiest… » 12/23/12 12:20pm 12/23/12 12:20pm

Yankee Fans Are Really Harshing Nick Swisher's Buzz, Bro

It was not a good weekend for the Yankees. Not only did they drop two games at home against the Tigers, they also lost Derek Jeter for the rest of the postseason and received minimal support from the fans in a sparsely populated Yankee Stadium. And you know who's really sad about that last part? Nick Swisher, bro. » 10/15/12 11:40am 10/15/12 11:40am