Three Good Reasons To Doubt That An Unheralded Receiver Actually Ran A 4.19 40-Yard Dash

Northern Iowa receiver Terrell Sinkfield wowed scouts at the University of Minnesota's pro day on Monday. According to "reports" (more on that later), Sinkfield ran the 40-yard dash in a time of 4.19 seconds. It's easy and tempting to take at face value, because it'd be a wonderful story. A no-name athlete from a… » 3/06/13 1:40pm 3/06/13 1:40pm

NCAA First Round: (5) Purdue vs. (12) Northern Iowa

West Region: No. 5 Purdue (25-9) vs. No. 12 Northern Iowa (23-10)
When: Thursday, 2:30 p.m., EDT
Where: Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon


1) Consistently Decent. You hear all the time about how some programs are "consistently great," and others are mocked for being "consistently mediocre." Well,… » 3/18/09 11:15am 3/18/09 11:15am