101-Year-Old Man Retires From Running Marathons, Shaming You

Well, it was bound to happen. Fauja Singh, the old guy who is too old to prove how old he is, announced he will be retiring from running marathons. It's worth mentioning again, though, that he is almost 102 years old and still actively running marathons. Next month's Hong Kong Marathon on February 24, however, will… » 1/27/13 1:20pm 1/27/13 1:20pm

Watch Ex-Canadian Football Greats Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca Brawl As…

As you can see, ex-CFL stars Kapp and Mosca came to blows during an alumni luncheon during Grey Cup Weekend. The scuffle occurred when, for some reason, highlights were shown from a championship game where Kapp Mosca made a controversial hit on Mosca's Kapp's teammate, Willie Fleming, forcing him out of the game.… » 11/27/11 9:30am 11/27/11 9:30am

Old Guy Who Finished Marathon Is Too Old To Prove How Old He Is

Fauja Singh was thought to be the first centenarian to complete a marathon. But Guinness World Records has a problem: "Singh's British passport shows his date of birth as April 1, 1911. A letter from Indian government officials states that birth records were not kept in 1911." [New York Times] » 10/24/11 5:00pm 10/24/11 5:00pm