Luke Ridnour Was Probably Traded Again In The Time It Took To Write This

Before yesterday, I wouldn’t have known where Luke Ridnour played last season. My best guess would have been, “Is he still in Minnesota?” The guard was actually with the Magic, until he was traded to the Grizzlies Wednesday, but his journey didn’t end there. Ridnour got shipped around two more times today. »6/25/15 1:06pm6/25/15 1:06pm

Victor Oladipo Sings Horribly, Throws Down Tremendous Dunk

Victor Oladipo, the living and sole justification for the existence of the Orlando Magic, entered tonight's slam dunk contest in Brooklyn to a hilariously off-key rendition of the theme to "New York, New York" before throwing down what turned out to be a pretty damn good dunk in the opening round of tonight's All-Star… »2/14/15 10:32pm2/14/15 10:32pm

Wizards Win On Bradley Beal Alley-Oop Layup With 0.8 Seconds Left

Bradley Beal still looks a bit off after missing the first three weeks of the season with a fractured wrist, but this is sure to raise his spirits. The Wizards entered the fourth quarter down eight to the Magic, but a furious rally led by John Wall tied the game on Rasual Butler's free throw with 16 seconds left.… »12/10/14 9:54pm12/10/14 9:54pm

The Heat Win Their 16th Straight, But Not Without Getting Every Single Break

The Heat got lucky. They got all the rolls, all the whistles, and the winner, a LeBron James layup with three seconds left, came off a timeout that was never called. It's almost a paradox: You get all the breaks when you're the type of team that can win 16 in a row, but you also don't win 16 in a row without getting… »3/07/13 9:00am3/07/13 9:00am

Twitter Loves The Orlando Magic, Has Never Heard Of The Arizona Cardinals

The Wall Street Journal has helpfully assembled the sort of slow-news-month story that lets you forget that none of the four major sports (five, if you include college football) is playing many meaningful games at the moment. In it, the incomparably named Stu Woo compiled the Twitter follower counts for every team in… »3/02/13 1:30pm3/02/13 1:30pm