Elliot Pellman, NFL's Concussion Quack, Also Tagliabue's Personal Doc

For years, Dr. Elliot Pellman—a rheumatologist—discredited various independent studies concerning the severity of concussions. During that time, the league and then-commissioner Paul Tagliabue took a soft position on concussions as only minor injuries. As a direct result of this approach, players were sent back on… »8/18/13 6:09pm8/18/13 6:09pm

Paul Tagliabue Ruling: The NFL Doesn't Have A Bounty Problem; It Has A Roger Goodell Problem

When Roger Goodell appointed Paul Tagliabue to hear the Saints' bounty appeal, the players fought to get the ex-NFL commissioner to recuse himself. There was no way, they thought, that Tagliabue would kneecap his successor, invalidating the suspensions that Goodell had pronounced from his unassailable lair atop… »12/11/12 7:19pm12/11/12 7:19pm

Paul Tagliabue Agrees With Goodell's Bountygate Findings, Vacates All Player Fines And Suspensions, Confuses Everyone

Just a few minutes ago, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who was tabbed to hear the second round of appeals brought forward by the players involved in the Saints bounty scandal, passed down his ruling. And it is confusing. NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello is currently tweeting out Tagliabue's statement piece by… »12/11/12 1:43pm12/11/12 1:43pm