A Quick Look At Perfect Games Vs. No-Hitters Throughout MLB History

On Wednesday Clayton Kershaw threw the 283rd no-hitter in baseball history. What separated Kershaw's no-hitter from becoming a perfect game was a throwing error by shortstop Hanley Ramirez in the seventh inning that allowed the only Rockie player all night to reach first. The chart above, which comes from Redditor… »6/20/14 3:15pm6/20/14 3:15pm


The Mariners' Double-A Team, Including Felix Hernandez's Brother, Went Nutso When Felix Finished His Perfect Game

Batting practice for the Jackson (Tenn.) Generals ground to a halt yesterday afternoon, as Felix Hernandez closed in on his first career perfecto. The end of the game was played on the scoreboard, and the Mariners' AA affiliate gathered in left field to watch the final few pitches. When Sean Rodriguez went down… »8/16/12 1:25pm8/16/12 1:25pm

High School Pitcher Throws Rare "Perfect" Perfect Game

Looking out across the Taxonomy of Single Perfect Game Excellence, you'd find the only feat rarer than throwing a perfect game is a "perfect" perfect game: No batter reaches base and every out is recorded by strikeout. That's a club that Kate Upton wouldn't let Philip Humber into, but she would let in Stonington High… »4/24/12 3:40pm4/24/12 3:40pm