Pete Rose Gets His Own Reality Show, Promises It Won't Be "Classless"

For anyone who doesn't actually remember seeing Pete Rose play or what his star was like before he completely threw it away by gambling on baseball, all they're going to remember of him was that he was some guy who autographed baseballs with weird inscriptions, got caught using a corked bat 25 years after the fact,… » 7/18/12 12:42am 7/18/12 12:42am

"I Was The First Man On The Moon": Pete Rose Still Lying About Things On Autographed Baseballs

We've already seen the Pete Rose signed baseball whereupon he apologized for betting on baseball. His contrition was questionable, however, as he turned a buck on the balls. Nevertheless, It seems the Pete Rose apology/weird novelty signed baseball has turned into a bit of a cottage industry. » 5/05/12 3:59pm 5/05/12 3:59pm