Michael Del Zotto Gets Cut By Skate, Looks Like Frankenstein

Hockey games feature—among other things—sharp blades and exposed necks, and every so often they collide. Last night Flyers defenseman Michael Del Zotto fell over while trying to dig the puck out of the corner. Avalanche forward Daniel Brière tried to step over him, but managed to clip Del Zotto's neck with his skate… »1/01/15 7:06pm1/01/15 7:06pm

Ron Hextall To Flyers: "That's Fucking Embarrassing"

Ron Hextall was legendarily fiery in his goaltending days, and was brought in to be Flyers GM in the hopes of turning around the fortunes of a franchise that could probably use a kick in the pants—or, this being Hextall, a stick in the grill. After a listless loss to the Rangers, the Flyers players got their first… »11/20/14 8:57am11/20/14 8:57am

The Rangers' Slow-Motion Collapse Is Becoming An Annual Event

The standing ovation the Flyers received at the end of last night's first period was not entirely deserved. Through 20 minutes they'd been pretty well pushed around, getting outpossessed at even strength to the tune of 18 shot attempts to just 11 (37.9 percent). That, in hockey, doesn't sound like much, but it's… »4/30/14 11:32am4/30/14 11:32am