The Phoenix Coyotes Will Become The Arizona Coyotes

The Phoenix Coyotes (who play in Glendale, which is not actually Phoenix [but is part of the Phoenix metro area, so it's no more inaccurate to call the team "Phoenix" than it is to call a team in Auburn Hills "Detroit," or a team in Santa Clara "San Francisco" {though it's probably still pretty offensive to the actual… » 1/29/14 1:52pm 1/29/14 1:52pm

Paul Bissonnette's Face Is All Messed Up

[This is just one of those perfect hockey fight moments. Jay Rosehill is mangling Paul Bissonnette's face at this point, but the fight was even. Photo by Ross D. Franklin/AP] » 1/05/14 10:40am 1/05/14 10:40am

Sabres Win In OT On Bizarre Sudden-Death Buttgoal

Coyotes goalie Mike Smith handed the Buffalo Sabres an overtime win tonight when he carried the puck into his own goal. He didn't know he was doing it at the time, because the puck was in his pants. » 12/24/13 12:37am 12/24/13 12:37am

We Have An NHL Goalie Goal

With 0.1 seconds left on the clock in Saturday's Coyotes-Red Wings game, Phoenix goaltender Mike Smith scored his first career goal after flinging the puck into Detroit's empty net. Whether or not Smith was actually aiming for the net, he doesn't have to admit it to anyone now. » 10/20/13 11:30am 10/20/13 11:30am

Thomas Greiss' Goalie Mask Features Some Sort Of Demonic Creature

What's with NHL goalies getting so dark lately? First there was Steve Mason putting zombie patriots on his mask, and now Coyotes goalie Thomas Greiss has unveiled his new mask, which looks like it was inspired by your goth nephew Mitch's deviantART page. » 10/03/13 10:05am 10/03/13 10:05am

Man Trolls Paul Bissonnette. Bissonnette Posts Man's Arrest Record.

Coyotes tough guy Paul Bissonnette is also a Twitter tough guy. His very active life on social media gives fans an extra incentive to be jackasses: If they talk shit about him, they know he'll see it. Sometimes that's a bad thing. » 8/16/13 3:04pm 8/16/13 3:04pm

The Coyotes Will Stay In Arizona—For Now

The debate was long, contentious, mind-numbingly boring, and featured the bizarre sight of hockey fans cheering Gary Bettman, but the outcome is simple enough to understand. By a 4-3 vote, the Glendale City Council approved a lease deal that will keep the Coyotes in Arizona for at least five more years. » 7/03/13 8:39am 7/03/13 8:39am

Glendale May Sell City Hall To Pay For The Coyotes

The day after a Stanley Cup; we all have hockey hangovers. I can't think of a better day for the Glendale, Ariz., City Council to quietly vote on an emergency measure that would, quite literally, sell City Hall to pay off its debts on Arena. » 6/25/13 3:21pm 6/25/13 3:21pm

NHL Might Move Coyotes If Glendale Can't Close A Deal By July 2

The Glendale City Council is working with potential owners Renaissance Sports and Entertainment to reach an agreement regarding the Phoenix Coyotes. The NHL is telling both sides to do so by July 2, because if they don't finalize a deal by then, the team might be heading to Seattle. » 6/22/13 10:09am 6/22/13 10:09am

The LA Kings Are Being Sassy On Social Media Again

Last night: Kings over Coyotes, despite the best efforts of Phoenix's Shane Doan, who scored both goals and kept trying to fight a rookie after an accidental collision. So what happened? The L.A. Kings' Instagram profile, like the team's Twitter account always does, brought the sass. » 3/20/13 1:24pm 3/20/13 1:24pm

Paul Bissonnette Has A Three-Game Point Streak, Is History's Greatest…

You probably know Coyotes big man Paul Bissonnette as an enforcer, and also as some guy from Twitter. But here's what you may not have known about the force known as Biz Nasty: He's earth's greatest hockey player, probably ever. » 2/27/13 3:55pm 2/27/13 3:55pm

Coyotes Sale Falls Apart As Prospective Owner Can't Come Up With The…

The drama surrounded Coyotes ownership has raged for years, from one owner putting the team into bankruptcy, to the NHL buying the Yotes up, to the courts blocking one sale because the league opposed Jim Balsillie's plan to move the team to Hamilton, Ontario, to the emergence of Greg Jamison as a potential savior. » 1/31/13 10:05am 1/31/13 10:05am

What Does Election Day Mean For The Coyotes' Future In Arizona?

Of the scores of ballot measures voted on around the country yesterday, only one has a direct impact on sports. (Not the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington. That's are still banned by the NCAA, and anyway, as we told America's student-athletes, just smoke the synthetic stuff, you probably won't get… » 11/07/12 1:46pm 11/07/12 1:46pm

Dustin Brown Should Either Be Suspended For Zero Games Or For All The…

Late in the first overtime, LA's Dustin Brown took down Phoenix's Michal Roszival at the blue line. Roszival was hurt; the Coyotes were angry; there was no penalty called. Twelve seconds later, Dustin Penner scored. Game, series, conference. » 5/23/12 10:20am 5/23/12 10:20am

Marian Hossa Was Stretchered Off The Ice After This Brutal Hit From…

In a Stanley Cup playoffs on pace to smash records for game misconducts, it appears its most dangerous hit to date will be one that escaped on-ice punishment. In the first period of tonight's Game Three, Coyotes enforcer Raffi Torres left his feet to hit the Blackhawks' Marian Hossa; Hossa was unable to move from… » 4/17/12 10:01pm 4/17/12 10:01pm

Bearded Batman Drinks Heineken, Probably Does Not Fight Crime

So Batman's a hockey fan, and definitely not the Lamborghini Batman or the Michigan Batman, at least today. But lest you forget, you better believe he's The Goddamn Batman. » 4/15/12 11:30am 4/15/12 11:30am

The NHL Had A Good Day Yesterday

The Stanley Cup Playoffs, like the NBA playoffs, drag on for what feels like an eternity-spanning April, May and June. If every day shakes out the way yesterday did, however, then it might be worth it. Four games were played and three went to overtime. Four series had the chance to go 2-0 and all four series are now… » 4/15/12 9:56am 4/15/12 9:56am