The Wild Card Game Is Incredibly Cruel, Usually To The Pirates

Before the 2012 season, Major League Baseball changed the playoff format that had been in place for almost 20 seasons. Instead of four teams from each league advancing to the postseason, five now do with the two best non-division winners facing off in a one-game playoff to advance to the League Division Series. »10/08/15 2:20am10/08/15 2:20am

Rockies To Pirates: Thanks For Beating Our Asses, Here's Some Champagne

The Rockies got the shit kicked out of them by the Pittsburgh Pirates at home last night, because that’s what happens when a very bad team (the shit-ass Rockies) plays against a very good team (the cool Pirates). The win also happened to clinch the Pirates a playoff berth, a fact the Rockies were curiously eager to… »9/24/15 11:41am9/24/15 11:41am

Formerly Apathetic Batter Francisco Liriano Hits Three-Run Jack

Once upon a time, Francisco Liriano gave so little of a shit about hitting that he didn’t even bother to stand in the batter’s box during his at-bats. This is his third year in the National League, though, and it looks like he’s finally figured the whole offense thing out: »8/08/15 5:53pm8/08/15 5:53pm

This Is The Refusal Roberto Clemente Got When He Asked For A Raise

Following his 1959 season—his fifth full year in the bigs—Hall-of-Fame outfielder Roberto Clemente asked for a raise, to $23,000. GM Joe L. Brown, architect of those great Pirates teams of the ‘60s and ‘70s, replied with a letter politely but firmly telling Clemente that he wasn’t good enough. »7/31/15 12:57pm7/31/15 12:57pm

Max Scherzer Blows Perfect Game By Hitting The 27th Batter, Gets No-No

Max Scherzer downed 26 Pirates in order today but failed to achieve baseball’s 24th perfect game when he hit Pirates pinch-hitter Jose Tabata with a pitch on a 2-2 count. Scherzer struck out 10 in the 6-0 Nationals victory in Washington, just days after earning a game score that was among the best in history. Oh, and… »6/20/15 6:34pm6/20/15 6:34pm

Let's Take A Look At Andrew McCutchen's Pay Stub

Over on reddit, user Grassiii has posted a photo of Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen’s latest pay stub. Grassiii says that a friend found it on a recent tour of the visitor’s clubhouse at Wrigley Field, where the Pirates played the Cubs over the weekend. Let’s have a look (you can click the magnifying glass in the… »5/21/15 10:25pm5/21/15 10:25pm