Albert Brooks Is Funnier Than You Think

Originally published in the July 1983 issue of Playboy. To read every article the magazine has ever published—from 1953 until today—visit the complete archive at For more Playboy, check out » 5/09/14 2:01pm 5/09/14 2:01pm

Here's Video Of The Botched "Golf Tee In Butt" Stunt At A Playboy Event

TMZ has acquired video of the botched "golf tee in butt" stunt at a Playboy event that caused a model to sue Playboy and a radio host. » 3/15/14 2:53pm 3/15/14 2:53pm

"Golf Tee In Butt" Stunt Leads Model To Sue Playboy

Model Liz Dickson is suing Playboy and a radio host for an alleged botched stunt at an event involving a golf ball, tee, and her butt. » 3/14/14 12:05am 3/14/14 12:05am

Butkus: One Season And One Injury With The Meanest Man Alive

This article originally appeared in the October 1971 issue of Playboy. To read every article the magazine has ever published—from 1953 until todayvisit the complete archive at For more Playboy, check out » 9/04/13 3:22pm 9/04/13 3:22pm

Today at 1 p.m., Outsports will take over Playboy's twitter feed for two hours to talk about Russia's anti-gay laws and their effect on the 2014 Winter Olympics. You should probably stop by. » 8/15/13 11:46am 8/15/13 11:46am

Hugh Hefner Remembers Jerry Buss

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: The Playboy head honors a party legend. » 2/21/13 3:55pm 2/21/13 3:55pm

This Flaccid Times-Picayune Write-Up Of The Playboy Super Bowl Party…

While the most odious piece of Super Bowl journalism was achieved, flagrantly, when Rick Reilly decided it was his place to tell Colin Kaepernick how to run his complicated family life, the silver-medal podium had remained fallow until today. We can all thank the scorched shell of the Times-Picayune to fill the void… » 2/02/13 9:40pm 2/02/13 9:40pm

Soccer Player Takes Photo With Adorable Child—And Playboy Magazine He…

Panamanian defender Felipe Baloy plays for Mexican side Santos Laguna, and when approached by a charming little tyke decked out in full Warriors uniform, he happily knelt and posed for a photo. So did Ms. Jackeline Arroyo, cover model for the March issue of Playboy's Mexican edition. » 4/11/12 10:30am 4/11/12 10:30am

Here's What Darren Rovell Looks Like When He's Complaining About The…

Will Carroll, somewhat innocuously, tweeted the picture you see here during the Playboy party Saturday night, gently ribbing Rovell for tweeting anywhere. As you can see, the tweet was sent on February 4 at 12:05 a.m. » 2/05/12 12:49pm 2/05/12 12:49pm

Darren Rovell Is Super Pissed About The State Of The Playboy Super Bowl…

The photo above is a picture tweeted by noted beefcake Darren Rovell as he lamented the talent assembled for Playboy's annual Super Bowl party. In his own words "Quality of Playboy Playmates last night was not what it used to be. Here's 6 of the 16 girls with @SHAQ." » 2/04/12 9:42pm 2/04/12 9:42pm

Not Even Playboy Playmates Can Bring Loaded Guns Onto Airplanes,…

You remember Shanna Marie McLaughlin. Central Florida grad. Playboy Playmate of the Month for July 2010. Filmed a little video in the UCF locker room last year that got some people more bothered than hot, a silly ordeal that left her "dumbfounded" and resulted in a formal apology from the school — for allowing the… » 8/10/11 12:45pm 8/10/11 12:45pm

A Look Back At Kimberly Bell's First Attempt At Embarrassing Barry Bonds

Most of us have read over Kimberly Bell's wacky, disturbing revelations from a San Francisco courtroom by now. Playboy writer Steve Pond first nabbed an interview with her in 2007, and she was far more candid in the magazine than she was in her shrunken-testes-laden testimony at Bonds's trial. » 3/29/11 5:10pm 3/29/11 5:10pm

Nudie Magazine Seeks Student Sportswriter For Good Time, Possible…

The first line of Playboy's advertisement immediately caught my eye: Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Rick Reilly? » 11/25/08 9:15am 11/25/08 9:15am Oh, do America's favorite ensconced-in-plastic magazine wants your help again, and they this time. Playboy U is looking for a student college basketball writer . Could it be you?…

Playboy Magazine Wants YOU, The Deadspin Commentariat!

As part of the ongoing whoredom of Men With Balls, » 10/30/08 4:00pm 10/30/08 4:00pm I got a chance to sit down with Playboy editor Rocky Rakovic, whose magazine I've had the pleasure of stealing on many, many occasions. But Rocky also wanted to ask a question of you Deadspin commenter folks. He'll peruse your comments in this post and pluck out the…

Gator Playmate Speaks Candidly: Big Ten Girls Just Ain't That Purty

This month's Playboy cover model is a Florida gal who calls herself "Kelly Carrington" (a pseudonym she used for the magazine; her real names is Kelly Hemberger » 9/10/08 2:00pm 9/10/08 2:00pm) and she's a proud SEC lassie through and through. From her poofy blond hair, to that dimwitted twinkle, . Carrington's shoot falls on the same month as…

Tim Tebow Won't Do Playboy

The University of Florida wouldn't nominate Tebow for the Playboy All-American team because of his religious views. After UF turned in their initial nominations, Playboy actually telephoned to lobby for Tebow's inclusion. Florida stuck to their guns and Tim Tebow continued to be better than you or me. Unfortunately… » 7/22/08 12:30pm 7/22/08 12:30pm

Who'll Be The Next Playmate Of The Year?

AJ Daulerio's Cultural Oddsmaker runs every Friday ... well, that next four Fridays, anyway. Yes, after more than a year of goodness, Mr. Daulerio is retiring the Cultural Oddsmaker column at the beginning of 2008. There are now FOUR left. Email him to let him know how much you'll miss him. » 12/14/07 3:15pm 12/14/07 3:15pm