Stan Lee Wants Pole Dancing To Be An Olympic Event

Stan Lee, film's Willie Lumpkin, has a suggestion for the tight asses in charge of the Olympics. Wanna get rid of wrestling? Good! Makes room for pole dancing. It's "like the sexiest gymnastics of all...look how everybody loves pole dancers!" Just when you think he's just a creepy old guy talking about pole dancing,… » 3/10/13 7:41pm 3/10/13 7:41pm

Pole Dancing: The Next Olympic Sport?

One of the major concerns of the IOC over the past few years has been how to garner interest in the Olympics among today's youth. There's been a trend to try and make Olympic sports a bit edgier. For instance, BMX racing and Snowboarding are now featured and there's been some discussion around skateboarding. But how… » 9/14/08 2:15pm 9/14/08 2:15pm