Prince Fielder's Naked ESPN Cover Is Sexy As Hell

One of the most beloved tropes in sports lore is the Triumph of the Unexpected Body. When I think about those stories, I think about cheering on Muggsy Bogues from my friend's living room when I was eight or nine. I knew nothing about basketball, but seeing that small man dart around the court alongside NBA giants… » 7/10/14 4:46pm 7/10/14 4:46pm

Denny McLain Says "Domestic Issues" Drove Prince Fielder Out Of Detroit

Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Denny McLain hinted at some darker, less savory reasons for why the team traded first baseman Prince Fielder today on the Michigan radio show Doctor & Bentley. His comments are definitely suggestive, though it's not exactly clear what he's trying to get at. » 11/21/13 4:20pm 11/21/13 4:20pm

Prince Fielder Hitting A Triple While McCarver Recites “Enter Sandman”

Some strange things happened at tonight's All-Star Game in New York. A Kansas City player got a hit, for one. (The last Royal to do that was Bo Jackson.) Yankees closer Mariano Rivera entered the game in a save situation, but didn't earn the save. The weirdest parts, though? That Prince Fielder hit a triple, and Tim… » 7/16/13 11:35pm 7/16/13 11:35pm

Oakland A's Fan Mistakes Prince Fielder's Son For A Girl, Family Chews Him Out

According to the YouTube uploader, this all went down at Game 5 in Oakland. It's unclear why this A's fan, who may or may not be inebriated, was talking to the Fielder family but at some point a woman who looks strikingly like Prince Fielder's wife starts chewing him out for calling her son a girl. If you listen at… » 10/14/12 3:15pm 10/14/12 3:15pm

Mike Moustakas Demonstrates Proper Tackling Technique On Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder managed to touch first base just before Mike Moustakas could get there, but Fielder's momentum put him right in Moustakas's way, which led to a collision that reportedly shook I-70. Moustakas hung on for dear life as he tumbled, but his eventual takedown of Fielder was right out of the NFL's guide to… » 8/30/12 10:55am 8/30/12 10:55am