The NBA Trade Deadline: Well, That Was Pointless

Amar'e Stoudamire. Shaquille O'Neal. Vince Carter. Nate Robinson. Tracy McGrady. None of them are going anywhere. A lot of lesser names and expiring contracts got shuffled around today, but really... nothing changed. » 2/19/09 5:30pm 2/19/09 5:30pm

Alston Polishing His Offseason Slash Moves

Remember when Rafer Alston was a feel good story, the streetball player nicknamed "Skip To My Lou" who transitioned his game to the NBA? Well, maybe not "feel good" — the guy did plead no contest in 1997 for assaulting his girlfriend — but certainly, it wasn't this bad, was it? » 8/29/07 1:05pm 8/29/07 1:05pm