Reggie Bush Is The Latest Victim Of The Rams' Concrete Ring Of Death

The 49ers believe Reggie Bush’s injury, suffered yesterday against the Rams, is a torn ACL, a season-ender. It’s a particularly frustrating one for Bush, who’s had trouble staying healthy throughout his career, because it had basically nothing to do with football. Bush was just the latest victim of a dangerous-as-hell… »11/02/15 2:55pm11/02/15 2:55pm


Judge: The NCAA Went "Over The Top" In Its Investigation Of USC's Todd McNair Because Of "Ill Will Or Hatred"

The NCAA's "University of Southern California Public Infractions Report," released in 2010, declared not only that Reggie Bush had received improper benefits from a pair of marketing agents during his time at USC, but that there was one man on the USC staff who knew about it: USC assistant coach and ace recruiter Todd… »12/01/12 5:20pm12/01/12 5:20pm

Terry Bradshaw's "Bucket Of Chicken" Comment Was About Jimmy Johnson, Who Apparently Loves Chicken

On Sunday, Terry Bradshaw made a comment about Reggie Bush "chasing a bucket of chicken" while doing the highlights on Fox's NFL halftime show. Today, he went on WFAN to explain that his comment wasn't racially motivated, but rather a reference to an inside joke about fellow analyst Jimmy Johnson's penchant for… »11/06/12 12:30pm11/06/12 12:30pm

Terry Bradshaw Says Reggie Bush Was Chasing A Bucket Of Chicken

It goes without saying that Terry Bradshaw is not very bright. So it is much more plausible that this is a case of an idiot doofus that FOX allows to speak unscripted on live television in a vomit of words unwittingly comparing Reggie Bush running with some strange chasing-after-a-bucket-of-chicken reference that… »11/04/12 5:23pm11/04/12 5:23pm

Meet The Convicted Felon Who Defrauded The NFL, Made Reggie Bush Ineligible, And Funded The Saints' Bounty Program

If the NFL were to punish every team that ran a bounty program, there are very few teams they wouldn't have to punish. That's becoming obvious in the wake of the Saints' bounty scandal, and in the parade of stories making clear that money is going to be a large factor in the league's investigation. There may be no… »3/05/12 11:35am3/05/12 11:35am

Reggie Bush Wishes Steve Gleason, Who Has An Incurable And Degenerative Disease, A "Speedy Recovery"

Steve Gleason, the former Saints safety who was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year, was in New Orleans this weekend for his Gleason Gras fundraiser. He was also honored during last night's game, in an emotional moment for his fans, friends, and teammates. It was a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause,… »11/29/11 10:55am11/29/11 10:55am

Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries Were Able To Tolerate Each Other For 72 Days

Serial athlete seducer Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from NBA free agent Kris Humphries today, ending a 72-day marriage and/or publicity stunt. We're as unmoved as you are, because everyone saw this coming even before they each stepped out without their wedding rings—but we are concerned for the future of… »10/31/11 2:00pm10/31/11 2:00pm

Kim Kardashian Files $20M Lawsuit Over Ad Featuring Ex-Boyfriend Reggie Bush's Kardashian-Lookalike Current Girlfriend

Yesterday, a woman who built a "reality star" career from a sex tape that turned her ass into a household name filed suit against a clothing store for featuring a woman who built an "Old Navy commercial star" career from looking like the woman with the sex-tape ass. Fun fact: reality star is New Orleans Saints RB … »7/21/11 11:30pm7/21/11 11:30pm

Schools That Won The BCS Championship In 2004, Step Forward. Not So Fast, USC

The Bowl Championship Series just announced it will strip USC of its 2004 national title, the final ruling in the long strange Reggie Bush investigation. USC remains the AP National Champions, because the AP isn't stupid enough to pretend that there's a guiltless team out there. Congratulations, Oklahoma: you… »6/06/11 4:12pm6/06/11 4:12pm

The Kim Kardashian Effect: Advanced Stats Show Why Kris Humphries Put A Ring On It

Nets forward Kris Humphries put up great numbers in the seventh season of his NBA career, his first as Kim Kardashian's beau. The couple announced their engagement (with a disturbing description of an "intimate family celebration" involving horses), and while there are no shortage of possible motives (love, reality… »5/25/11 4:20pm5/25/11 4:20pm