Rachel Nichols Breaks News Of Lenny Cooke's Death. (He Is Not Dead.)

Poor Lenny Cooke. The high-school-basketball-legend-turned-tragic-washout got a shout out on TNT's NBA broadcast last night when Rachel Nichols mentioned that Joakim Noah recently helped produce a documentary about Cooke's too-much-too-soon cautionary tale. Unfortunately for Cooke, Nichols teased the documentary as… »11/22/13 12:03pm11/22/13 12:03pm

Some Of The Greatest Games in NBA History, Re-Scored Under North Korean Rules

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post misstated one of North Korea's unique scoring rules. Scores within the last three seconds, not minutes, count for eight points. The corrected version is below. »3/07/13 10:10am3/07/13 10:10am

It should be obvious how insane and game-altering these scoring changes are, particularly the last two. Rule…

According To Turner Analyst Reggie Miller, Bleacher Report Writer Scores Incredible Coup, Interviews Michael Jordan

During tonight's All-Star Game broadcast by TNT, analyst Reggie Miller relayed an interesting anecdote about LeBron James as studied by Michael Jordan. The story came from, of all places, Bleacher Report. Timothy Rapp, Reggie tells us, apparently got the scoop of the century for Bleacher Report. Michael Jordan… »2/18/13 12:09am2/18/13 12:09am

Basketball Prospectus Writers Are "Lab Geek Rats" With "Pocket Squares," According To Reggie Miller

During a Clippers-Nuggets preseason game yesterday, commentator Kevin Harlan brought up the fact that Basketball Prospectus, a highly regarded, stats-driven site, had chosen the Nuggets to win the Western Conference this season. As Harlan says, BP made this prediction based on many reasonable factors: Denver's… »10/26/12 12:45pm10/26/12 12:45pm

This Season, For NBA Action We Turn To A Bunch Of Pacers Fans In China

At their annual meet-up (because there are enough Pacers fans in China to dictate an annual meet-up), the men of reenacted some of Reggie Miller's greatest hits, set to the original calls. That's lovely and all, but it's burying the lede; the real story is that exists. »10/06/11 9:45am10/06/11 9:45am

Watch Reggie Miller Watch Ryan Braun Trip And Fail To Complete An Inside-The-Park Home Run

This video comes to you courtesy of the folks over at, who point out that retired hoopster Reggie Miller and active Brewer Ryan Braun are neighbors in California. Tonight, the former got to watch the latter complete seven-eighths of an inside-the-park home run before falling flat on his face,… »9/01/11 12:00am9/01/11 12:00am

This Is The Dunk That Made Reggie Miller Compare Udonis Haslem To Taj Gibson

Today in very recent historical comparisons, Reggie Miller gave credit to reincarnated Heat forward Udonis Haslem for his Gibsonesque slam. "I didn't know Taj Gibson was playing for Miami this game!" Miller said, in that characteristic lilt of his, all forced giddiness and wonderment. Perhaps TNT told Miller to back… »5/19/11 12:00pm5/19/11 12:00pm

Here's The Taj Gibson Dunk That Inspired Reggie Miller To Quote Martin Luther King On Air

The Bulls beat the Heat by 21 points at home in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals this evening. Taj Gibson, who finished with nine points and seven boards off the bench for Chicago, had the two best dunks of the game. The first left Reggie Miller speechless, and presumably on top of Steve Kerr, and the second… »5/15/11 11:25pm5/15/11 11:25pm