Rick Sutcliffe Wants Melky Cabrera Deported

And here we thought the dumbest thing to happen since Melky tested positive for taking testosterone was that Melky and his crew had cooked up a fake website to try to prove his innocence. Pshaw. Melky has not been charged with a crime, but that's of no concern to ESPN baseball analyst/sheriff Rick Sutcliffe, who… » 8/20/12 6:55pm 8/20/12 6:55pm

Rick Sutcliffe Returns To Announcing Booth More Sober, Cancer-Free

Tonight is a monumental moment for those who enjoy Rick Sutcliffe's smooth, honest, and, sometimes, absolutely shit-faced baseball analysis, as he returns to ESPN studios to be the colorman for the Atlanta Braves-New York Mets game. Sutcliffe's been out of commission after battling colon cancer, but he's recovering… » 5/21/08 6:40pm 5/21/08 6:40pm

Introducing The Deadspin Sportshuman Of The Year Tournament

Since Sports Illustrated is making its unveiling of the 2006 Sportsman Of The Year award into a two-month enterprise, we figured we could do the same thing. Therefore, we are introducing the Deadspin Sportshuman Of The Year tournament, where 16 nominees will compete for the sainted title. We've put together the… » 11/09/06 2:00pm 11/09/06 2:00pm