Ryan Leaf's Jailhouse Confessions, Written By His Cell Mate

They called him a better quarterback than Peyton Manning, who kicks off the NFL season tonight against the Super Bowl Champion Ravens. Then they called him the NFL's greatest bust. Now they call him Montana State Prison Inmate No. 3005025. Facing one final shot at salvation, Ryan Leaf tells the true story of his… »9/05/13 12:20pm9/05/13 12:20pm

Ryan Leaf Used To Be Carried In The Arms Of Cheerleaders, Part 4,397

New blue blood/great white hope beats painkiller addiction, but still ends up with a lumpy tumor on his brain that may require radiation treatment to destroy it. Still, his outlook is serenely positive: "If you deny the fact that things are happening to you, that this is going on, whether it's negative or positive,… »6/02/11 4:05pm6/02/11 4:05pm

Deadspin Reader Heroically Attends Screening Of Ryan Leaf Movie

In a simpler time, Mike Sebeckis was known as Seabass, Deadspin commenter extraordinaire. A software engineer who has been living in San Diego for 2 1/2 years, he doesn't have much time to frolic in the comments section these days; although he is still a regular reader and thinks Baby Mangino is a lock for SHOTY. But… »12/04/08 1:45pm12/04/08 1:45pm