Sad Derrick Rose Shrine Even Sadder After Being Vandalized

Remember that incredibly sad Derrick Rose shrine we told you about yesterday? Well, the only thing sadder than a shrine to a still living basketball player under an underpass is a vandalized shrine to a still living basketball player under an underpass. David Beltran and Brendan Carroll—the two artists who created… » 3/10/15 9:46pm 3/10/15 9:46pm

Bulls GM Says Derrick Rose Will Be Back In Time For The Playoffs

Here Are Some Cool Derrick Rose Dunks

Given today's news and the way he was playing this season, it's kind of hard to believe that this version of Derrick Rose ever existed at all, let alone just four seasons ago. That third dunk remains one of the most absurd things I've ever seen in a basketball game. » 2/25/15 4:11pm 2/25/15 4:11pm

Derrick Rose To Undergo Knee Surgery, May Be Out For Season

Sad Derrick Rose Airballs An Open Goddamn Layup

Oooh, that is a slick little move, there. The ball-fake to freeze Timofey Mozgov, the little half-Eurostep toward the middle of the lane, the midair adjustment as Mozgov recovers to contest. And then, what in the damn hell. Did the Earth shift 18 inches off its normal orbital path while Rose was in midair? » 1/19/15 8:52pm 1/19/15 8:52pm

Joakim Noah To Derrick Rose Critics: "Chill The Fuck Out"

No one in Chicago is talking about the third quarter of last night's Bulls game, when the team held the Toronto Raptors to 14 points right in front of Drake and God. Everyone is, rather, talking about the fourth quarter, when Derrick Rose left what was on the verge of becoming a nearly close game after collapsing » 11/14/14 9:12am 11/14/14 9:12am

Derrick Rose Is Injured, Again

Derrick Rose appears to be out for the game after hurting his leg late in tonight's matchup in Toronto against the Raptors. I know, that seems impossible to believe. But it's true! Here's the evidence so you can see it for yourself. » 11/13/14 10:38pm 11/13/14 10:38pm

Sports Columnist Loses His Mind Over Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose has had an uneven start to the season. He's looked pretty damn good when he's on the court, but he's already missed four games due to a pair of sprained ankles he's been dragging around. On Tuesday, he offered a partial explanation for why he's already missed so many games, and it did not sit well in the… » 11/12/14 4:36pm 11/12/14 4:36pm

Derrick Rose Hurt Both Of His Ankles Again

Derrick Rose returned to the Bulls' starting lineup last night after missing the two previous games. He missed those games because he managed to sprain both of his ankles during a game last Friday. Rose played 31 minutes against the Bucks, which is great, but he also managed to re-aggravate both of his sprained… » 11/06/14 11:58am 11/06/14 11:58am

Derrick Rose Knocked Out Of Game Due To Injury, Again

We insist this is not a repeat: Derrick Rose left tonight's game against the Cavaliers after suffering an injury on the court. » 10/31/14 10:27pm 10/31/14 10:27pm

Derrick Rose Falls, Entire Bench Runs Over To Make Sure He's Not Broken

Derrick Rose played in a preseason game against the Cavaliers last night, and he looked decidedly not-dead, which is encouraging. What is not encouraging is how his teammates reacted when Rose hit the ground at the end of the first half and spent an extra beat or two on the floor. » 10/21/14 10:21am 10/21/14 10:21am

Sad Derrick Rose's Sad Knees Are Achy

Remember, like, a week ago, when we were hearing all kinds of stories out of the Team USA basketball camp about how Derrick Rose was back, and people were sharing clips of him seemingly doing Derrick Rose things? » 8/20/14 3:12pm 8/20/14 3:12pm

Sad Update On Sad Derrick Rose

» 8/18/14 2:39pm 8/18/14 2:39pm

Derrick Rose Leaves Game Early, Has Another Knee Injury

Derrick Rose exited tonight's 98-95 Bulls loss in Portland in the third quarter after suffering a knee injury that team officials say will lead him to get an MRI. » 11/23/13 12:48am 11/23/13 12:48am

Happy Derrick Rose Is Back (Again) (Probably)

Derrick Rose returned to action last night and it went pretty well. He dunked in an actual game against other NBA players, officiated by NBA referees and watched by paying NBA fans. So it was preseason. Whatever. Get on the Fun Time Express. Happy Derrick Rose is back (again (for almost-real, this time))! » 10/06/13 3:40pm 10/06/13 3:40pm

Happy Derrick Rose Makes A Sad Dunk

This video from his recent Euro tour makes it official: Sad Derrick Rose isn't sad anymore. He jumped off his left foot! He put the ball between his legs in the air! He dunked! He smiled! So that rim was only eight feet high? So what? Don't be a party pooper. Happy Derrick Rose is back! » 7/24/13 4:05pm 7/24/13 4:05pm