Buffalo Schoolteachers Charged With Humping In The Bathroom At This…

Making sex in the bathroom is never the brightest nor most hygienic idea, to say nothing of the typical stall conditions at an NFL stadium used by 70,000 people. That goes for fucking on the floor of the pristine new Cowboys Stadium, and it definitely goes for whatever two grade school teachers were caught doing in the … » 12/07/11 1:45pm 12/07/11 1:45pm

More From The C-Roll Stash: Reverse Cowgirl In The Coliseum Cheap…

This week, we're going take-by-take through the legendary C-Roll tape and sharing the debauchery with you, our loyal perverted readers. Yesterday we revealed sex in the SkyDome, and this evening we bring to you a scene from upper deck of the Oakland Coliseum. » 9/20/11 8:00pm 9/20/11 8:00pm

The C-Roll Stash, Part 1: Sex Above The SkyDome (NSFW)

Here's Part One of the C-Roll excerpts we'll be posting all week. Today, you'll see the infamous Lucy Lawless boob slip (from her national anthem at a May 1997 NHL game in Anaheim), an unidentified boob slip, and some sex above the SkyDome during a Red Sox-Jays game. » 9/19/11 8:00pm 9/19/11 8:00pm

Sexy White Sox Bathroom Sex Horror Story Brought To Life Through Magic …

The story of Dr. Paul Nemeth inadvertently bringing his 6 year-old son to a live sex show at a White Sox game was the stuff of speculation. It left many questions unanswered, like "Did anyone throw their pants Mean Joe Green style?" » 4/20/10 12:30pm 4/20/10 12:30pm

Chicago Has A History Of Stadium Bathroom Stall Sex

John Kass's harrowing tale of Dr. Nemeth and his son—who had their Sox Opening Day ruined by a couple in Windy City heat—prompted one reader to send along his video of a post-coital couple at Wrigley from 2007. » 4/09/10 7:14pm 4/09/10 7:14pm

Shameless Couple Having Bathroom Sex Tarnishes Another Sports Stadium

Since one horny couple decided to sully Cowboys Stadium with their filthy, filthy bathroom sex last September, there haven't been many other drive-by humping incidents ruining sporting events. Until now. The Chicago Tribune's John Kass has the terrifying story. » 4/09/10 10:55am 4/09/10 10:55am