This is pretty cool: Aaron Gordon went digging in Communist sportswriter Lester Rodney's FBI file and found J. Edgar Hoover sounding for all the world like a bad internet commenter. [Vice] » 3/26/15 10:27am Thursday 10:27am

Tommy Craggs Is A Communist

You're never going to get me to say anything bad about Tommy Craggs. The guy once sent me to Panama for a story and said nothing as I blew several deadlines in a row for it. He knew I fucked up, I knew I fucked up, and he knew that I knew that he knew I fucked up, and he said nothing, presumably in the knowledge that… » 1/09/15 6:16pm 1/09/15 6:16pm

The St. Louis Rams Have Nothing To Be Sorry For

You don't call Mike Francesa's radio show unless you are upset, and probably also otherwise damaged in some way. A person who is doing fine, thanks, does not run some avant-garde hear-me-out-Mike trade—Nothing crazy, just Eli Manning for a couple of first-round picks and a couple of second-round picks—past a… » 12/05/14 3:29pm 12/05/14 3:29pm

The Radio Host Who Wouldn't Stick To Sports

Matt Jones, host of Kentucky's highest-rated radio program and co-founder of the scrappily independent Kentucky Sports Radio blog, describes himself as a "somewhat liberal, mountain, Eastern Kentuckian white guy." He adds, "There aren't a lot of those." This puts him at odds with his listeners, whose politics he… » 11/04/14 7:04pm 11/04/14 7:04pm

Poll Results: What's A Sport And What's Not?

Here, visualized, the results of a poll that are as interesting as they are unscientific. Click expand and commence arguing over what makes something a sport as opposed to a game or an activity. » 8/19/14 6:19pm 8/19/14 6:19pm

Nerds On Teen Jeopardy Save Sports Category For Last

"Pro Sports Teams" was a category on Teen Jeopardy this evening and none of the contestants wanted anything to do with it. The rest of the board slowly vanishes while the Sports column remains menacingly unselected. » 7/24/14 9:34pm 7/24/14 9:34pm

Bill James Calls For Revolutionary Changes To The American Economy

Over at his website, Bill James has a fun feature called "Hey Bill," where he answers questions from readers. Sometimes these have to do with esoteric baseball topics and sometimes they have to do with other things, such as the ongoing debate over James's idea to fundamentally change the structure of the American… » 6/24/14 3:57pm 6/24/14 3:57pm

Daniel Snyder Hires The One Man In Washington Worse Than Daniel Snyder

A man so badly fucked that he'll hire Lanny Davis is a man who's finished, and so everyone who detests Daniel Snyder, the imperious prick who owns the Washington Redskins and claims he'll never change their name, can rejoice. When the client who can't be defended brings on the fixer who will defend anything, the issue… » 10/10/13 12:55pm 10/10/13 12:55pm

You Can't Play A World Cup In A Hospital: Brazil 2014, Argentina 1978

On June 30, Brazil dismantled Spain before a rapturous home crowd in the final of the Confederations Cup, the test run for next year's World Cup. The hosts' surprise win—and what it augurs for 2014—temporarily displaced massive protests as the story of the tournament. June saw hundreds of thousands of Brazilians take… » 7/18/13 3:30pm 7/18/13 3:30pm

Does The Majority Party Have An Advantage In Congressional Ballgame?

Tonight, Congress will once again take part in its annual baseball game, an ultra-American tradition that dates back to 1909. The Democrats, led by Louisiana Ace Cedric Richmond, have won the last four, but Republicans have a new weapon in freshman Rep. Ron DeSantis. Both played serious college ball, which doesn't… » 6/13/13 4:00pm 6/13/13 4:00pm

People Covering A Marathon Bombing Are Being Told To Stick To Sports

The Boston Marathon is a sporting event, and so it stands to reason that sports media outlets are covering the fatal bombing near the race's finish line yesterday. This does not sit well with the internet's "stick to sports" brigade, which will not rest until sports are stuck to, stubbornly. » 4/16/13 2:28pm 4/16/13 2:28pm

Constitutional Amendments, Ranked

1. Fourteenth
2. Fifth
3. Fourth
4. (tie) Thirteenth
4. (tie) Fifteenth
4. (tie) Nineteenth
7. Ninth
8. First
9. Sixth
10. Eighth
11. Seventh
12. Sixteenth
13. Twenty-fourth
14. Seventeenth
15. Twenty-third
16. Twenty-sixth
17. Twenty-fifth
18. Twenty-seventh
19. (tie) Third
19. (tie) Twentieth
21. Twelfth
22. Eleventh » 12/19/12 4:25pm 12/19/12 4:25pm

Jovan Belcher And Adam Lanza Were Not Militias: Shut Up About The…

Two weeks ago, in the aftermath of the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide, Bob Costas went on national television and said some sensible things about guns, and lots of people—some of them on this very site—responded with all the predictable idiot lowing. This was bad enough, but the true measure of how fucked up we are as a… » 12/14/12 8:02pm 12/14/12 8:02pm

When Will People Stop Telling Other People To Stick To Sports? Today Is…

As everyone is aware, at least 27 people were killed in a school shooting in Newtown, Conn. this morning. Unsurprisingly, many writers and commentators who usually operate exclusively within the world of sports have reacted to this horrifying news by discussing the details or expressing opinions about gun laws or… » 12/14/12 5:10pm 12/14/12 5:10pm

Who Is Being Told To Stick To Basketball Today? (LeBron James. It's…

It's Election Day! On Monday, LeBron James urged his followers in a gentle and oblique way to vote for Barack Obama. This is a thing that people to do in America, even sports stars. Another thing that people do in America: tell other people not talk about politics, especially sports stars. » 11/06/12 12:48pm 11/06/12 12:48pm

Who Is Being Told To Stick To Sports Today?

Everyone is talking about politics today because Election Day is tomorrow. If you work in the sports industry in some capacity, however, you are required by internet moron law not to talk about anything but sports. Some examples: » 11/05/12 3:50pm 11/05/12 3:50pm

Deadspin On The 2012 Election: A Roundup Of Relevant Stories That Will…

Election Day is tomorrow. If you are one of those hopeless morons who think it's some sort of thought crime to mention politics in the same breath as sports, well, this is not the post for you. For the rest of you, here are some recent Deadspin stories relevant to the election.
» 11/05/12 2:15pm 11/05/12 2:15pm