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Investigators Have A Second Video Of Tony Stewart Hitting Kevin Ward Jr.

The obvious question is whether criminal charges should or will be brought against Tony Stewart for his role in the death of Kevin Ward Jr during a sprint car race on Saturday. We won't know that for a while, but we do now know that police have video from a second angle of Stewart's car fatally striking Ward. » 8/13/14 9:24am 8/13/14 9:24am

Invocation Before Cheez It 355: "Thank You, God, For The Great Weather"

The Cheez it 355, the race Tony Stewart still planned on participating in as early as this morning, began moments ago. Before the race started, Reverend David Fife gave an invocation, which would seem to be an appropriate time for someone involved with the race to acknowledge the tragedy that ended with Kevin Ward,… » 8/10/14 1:44pm 8/10/14 1:44pm

Tony Stewart's Temper Often Resulted In Conflict With Other Drivers

While everyone has strong opinions on the matter, no one has any real idea what happened when Tony Stewart ran over and killed Kevin Ward, Jr. during a race last night, and it's possible we may never know what he was thinking from behind the wheel. What we do know is that Stewart has often found himself in conflict… » 8/10/14 12:07pm 8/10/14 12:07pm

"Business As Usual": Tony Stewart Plans To Race Today

Hours after running over and killing Kevin Ward, Jr., Tony Stewart plans to race again. According to Greg Zipadelli, the manager of his Stewart-Haas Racing team, Stewart plans to race in the NASCAR event at Watkins Glen scheduled to begin at approximately 1:19 p.m. Zipadelli said of the decision: "we're business as… » 8/10/14 9:14am 8/10/14 9:14am

Auto Club 400 Ends With Denny Hamlin In An Ambulance And Tony Stewart…

Kyle Busch took the checkered flag today in California, but attention quickly turned to Denny Hamlin—whose crash sent him to the hospital and which let Busch take the lead on the final lap—and Joey Logano, who tangled with Hamlin and eventually found himself the target of Tony Stewart's fists. » 3/24/13 6:37pm 3/24/13 6:37pm

Tony Stewart Trades Paint With Matt Kenseth, Gets Knocked Out, Hurls…

Tony Stewart showed flashes of the personality that earned him the nickname "Smoke" tonight in the IRWIN Tools Night Race at Bristol when, after taking the lead from Matt Kenseth in the 332nd lap only to scape doors and find himself wrecked in the 333rd, let Kenseth know just how much he loved him by chucking his… » 8/25/12 10:26pm 8/25/12 10:26pm

Nascar's Tony Stewart Donates 30 Bulletproof Vests to Police Dogs

No longer content to continue reading about brave police dogs who died because they weren't wearing vests, Tony Stewart has come to the rescue. The vests cost $695 each. If you didn't know that police dogs wore bulletproof vests then you roll with Chris Samuels and Clinton Portis and hate animals. Stewart's gift will… » 7/22/08 2:45pm 7/22/08 2:45pm