Blue Jays' Michael Saunders Steps On Sprinkler, Needs Knee Surgery

Blue Jays fans received their sucker punch early this season. Outfielder Michael Saunders stepped on a sprinkler head in spring training, and now he needs surgery. He might be out until the All-Star break. » 2/26/15 4:05pm 2/26/15 4:05pm

Former Blue Jays beat writer Alison Gordon, who in 1979 became the first woman admitted to the BBWAA (her membership card read "Mr. Alison Gordon"), died yesterday in Toronto. She was 72. » 2/13/15 8:45am 2/13/15 8:45am

Jose Bautista Sons Hack Columnist On Twitter

Toronto Sun sports columnist Steve Simmons is known as a bit of a curmudgeon and a troll in the world of Canadian sports media, so a lot of people will be happy to learn that he got his ass handed to him by Blue Jays star Jose Bautista on Twitter today. » 10/01/14 1:56pm 10/01/14 1:56pm

With Chance To Gain Ground, Mariners Lose In Agonizing Fashion

The Seattle Mariners weren't going to make the playoffs this season. Going into yesterday's games, they were three back of both the Royals and A's for the final wild card playoff slot, with five games left to play. ESPN's playoff odds calculator gave them only a 0.1 percent chance. But did the Mariners have to fall… » 9/25/14 8:35am 9/25/14 8:35am

Melky Cabrera Does Not Like Thunder. Not One Bit.

A big-ass thunderstorm rolled through the St. Petersburg area last night, and it was bad enough to briefly knock the lights out at Tropicana field while the Rays took on the Blue Jays. It was also bad enough to scare the crap out of poor Melky Cabrera. » 9/04/14 9:51am 9/04/14 9:51am

Mike Napoli, In The Rogers Centre, With Brute Damn Force

Rest in peace, baseball. You were hit so damn hard, and flew so damn far, that you were at least not in much pain when you left this earth. » 8/26/14 11:40pm 8/26/14 11:40pm

Rays Play Game Under Protest After Late Challenge Overturns Safe Call

The Tampa Bay Rays played today's 5-4 loss to the Blue Jays under protest after a replay challenge in the fourth inning ruled Wil Myers was picked off first base. Myers was initially ruled safe, but after pitcher Mark Buehrle had stepped on the rubber and Yunel Escobar was in the batter's box, the Blue Jays challenged… » 8/23/14 6:15pm 8/23/14 6:15pm

Melky Cabrera's HR Broke A Car Windshield Across The Street From Fenway

Toronto's 14-1 win over Boston was an all-out pummeling, punctuated by Melky Cabrera's second home run on the night, a three-run shot in the nine-run sixth inning. Cabrera's shot to left-center, officially tracked at a disappointing 410 feet, completely cleared the stadium and cracked a car windshield across the… » 7/29/14 10:02am 7/29/14 10:02am

Drowsy Baby Too Tired To Watch Blue Jays Get Blown Out

It's OK, little Blue Jays baby. We understand if you're tuckered out. You had an exhausting day that presumably included eating, keeping your head upright, and screaming. Besides, the Blue Jays aren't going to pull off a 13-run comeback. It's the eighth inning. Go to sleep. » 7/22/14 4:14pm 7/22/14 4:14pm

Blue Jays Challenge Play To Get Their Own Runner Out

Blue Jays manager John Gibbons used MLB's instant replay in an unusual but clever decision in the top of the second of Thursday's game against the Athletics. » 7/04/14 10:00am 7/04/14 10:00am

Dioner Navarro Tries To Stretch Double Into Inside-The-Park HR, Fails

Oh, Dioner Navarro. You—and your third-base coach—should not have tempted fate and gone for home. All that effort for naught. » 6/26/14 11:00pm 6/26/14 11:00pm

Edwin Encarnación Elbowed In The Head In Collision At First Base

A hurried Jose Reyes throw in the seventh inning crossed up Edwin Encarnación and sent him tumbling backward into the basepath just as Mark Teixeira was chugging in to beat the throw. The two men collided and Teixeira's elbow/shoulder hit Encarnación just about as flush as it gets, right in the back of the head. As… » 6/24/14 11:59pm 6/24/14 11:59pm

Fan At Fenway Catches Ground-Rule Double In The Most Casual Way

One fan in a Hartford Whalers T-shirt didn't do anything but close his hand to earn a game ball from Tuesday night's Blue Jays-Red Sox game. » 5/21/14 8:07pm 5/21/14 8:07pm

Boy Pulls Off The Smoothest Foul Ball Trick To Impress Girl Behind Him

One kid at last night's Blue Jays-Rangers game got the best of both worlds: An MLB foul ball and the attention of a girl sitting in the row behind him. » 5/18/14 10:05am 5/18/14 10:05am

Adorable 101-Year-Old Lady Throws Out First Pitch

A 101-year-old grandma named Kitty Cohen (top-notch grandma name, by the way) threw out the first pitch at yesterday's Blue Jays game. She made the most of her opportunity. » 5/12/14 10:08am 5/12/14 10:08am

This Might've Been The Ugliest Inning In MLB History

In last night's Blue Jays-Twins game, three Toronto relievers combined to bring you this disgusting eighth inning: walk, walk, sac bunt, walk, wild pitch, walk and wild pitch, stolen base, walk and wild pitch, stolen base, walk, walk, single, walk, strikeout, groundout. It was remarkable, really. » 4/18/14 3:23pm 4/18/14 3:23pm