Jose Bautista Gives Up An Inside-The-Park Home Run

Jose my friend, what’s going on here? Delino DeShields got the easiest and silliest three RBIs of his career here thanks to Bautista’s drive-by defending. Lost in the folly of the Blue Jays outfielding is the absolute clinic third base coach Tony Beasley is putting on here to usher in all three of the runs. » 8/27/15 8:55pm Yesterday 8:55pm

The Blue Jays Are Killing Everyone, And Why Wouldn't They Be?

One of the more frustrating things in baseball over the past few years has been watching the perpetually okay Toronto Blue Jays continue to be nothing more than just okay, because in a sports landscape populated by mountebanks who preach the virtues of losing, they’ve actively been trying to win, which shouldn’t stand… » 8/14/15 12:53pm 8/14/15 12:53pm

Kevin Pillar Lays Out For Another Amazing Catch

Earlier this season we saw Kevin Pillar scramble up the SkyDome wall to take away a homer, and now he’s laying out with Michael Jordan-like hang time to catch a ball he has no business catching. According to a variety of defensive metrics Pillar ranks around the 20th best defensive outfielder in baseball, which is all… » 8/06/15 10:36pm 8/06/15 10:36pm

Incoming Baseball Scares The Bejesus Out Of Manchester City's Joe Hart

Manchester City are in Toronto right now on a postseason panhandling tour, and they took some time to try their hands at some of those whacky American sports. Three of them joined up with “baseball legend” (??) José Bautista to take some cuts in the batting cage. Most came off fine enough, except for the scaredy-cat,… » 5/27/15 3:25pm 5/27/15 3:25pm