City Of Vancouver Says Stanley Cup Riots Were NHL's Fault

"Riot control is not the League's problem, and the issue here is that Vancouver seeks to make it the League's problem so the blame can be shared if this crap happens for a third time in the city during a Cup Final. 'Hey, thanks for pumping millions of extra dollars into our local economy for three months … can you… »9/06/11 11:10am9/06/11 11:10am

Kissing Riot Couple's Zapruder Film Proves Their Blissful Moment Was Not Staged

Of course you remember the golden Vancouver riot couple, forever commemorated in this photo, their newfound love a port in a storm of tear gas and riot shields. Well, some folks wrote that the photo might have been staged—it seemed too perfect, too cinematic. We understood. Oh, this postmodern world. »6/24/11 1:25pm6/24/11 1:25pm

Postcard From Western Canada: Vancouver Flames And Calgary Canucks

FORT McMURRAY, ALBERTA — During the nine months I've lived in Canada, I've abandoned my image of Canadians as a bunch of northern Minnesotans with their pinkies extended, single-payer health care and Queen Elizabeth's plump mugshot on every single coin in their snap-purses. They truly are a more polite, more svelte… »6/17/11 6:13pm6/17/11 6:13pm

Look At This U-18 Canadian Water Polo Player Trying To Blow Up A Vancouver Police Cruiser

There goes your scholarship, boyo. The intelligent young man you see here neglecting to cover his face with his hood but flashing some nifty Nike Dunk Highs(?) has been identified as Nathan Kotylak, who plays the sport of water polo at a very impressive level and looks remarkably at ease lighting a rag stuffed in the… »6/17/11 5:10pm6/17/11 5:10pm