Tonight's WWE Raw Crowd In Buffalo Engaged In An Extended "We Want Virgil" Chant

WWE's Monday night Raw showcase is themed "Old School" tonight, and such former pro wrestling dignitaries as Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Sgt. Slaughter, Honky Tonk Man, and "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase have so far made appearances. Alas, DiBiase's valet Virgil is nowhere to be found. We'd figure our erstwhile friend… »3/04/13 10:03pm3/04/13 10:03pm

Virgil Is Selling Photos Of Himself In Grand Central Subway Station Right Now

This afternoon, on a message board devoted to reports of wrestler run-ins (a topic near and dear to our hearts), a poster shared a story that took place Thursday evening, during the heart of the evening rush hour at New York's second-busiest subway station. Virgil, whose last reported sighting was selling signed… »2/22/13 6:55pm2/22/13 6:55pm

2012 Deadspin Hall Of Fame Nominee: Virgil, Pro Wrestling's Saddest Retired "Superstar"

It all began when we stumbled upon Lonely Virgil, after which we learned that many of you had your own Virgil story to share. In time, those stories also included run-ins with other has-been ex-pro wrestlers. And soon enough, Virgil learned that the Virgilbag was a thing. But then, just as quickly as it all began, the… »1/04/13 10:15am1/04/13 10:15am

Virgil Held An Impromptu Question And Answer Session On Twitter And It Was Virgilicious

Former professional wrestler and body guard Virgil is fascinating. He first leapt into our hearts with tales of his sad sack routine at Wrestling expos, including this most recent edition of the Virgilbag, where he conned a couple of fans into manning his booth while he took a 45-minute piss. On Saturday night,… »12/23/12 6:40pm12/23/12 6:40pm

Where Were You When Virgil Discovered The Virgilbag?

The Virgilbag, our regular collection of readers' encounters with pro wrestlers, is on indefinite hiatus. (It might return if you send in your stories.) It is not a collection of Virgil stories, though each one does contain a tale of the former WWF and WCW jobber, plying his trade at conventions and card shows across… »11/19/12 5:45pm11/19/12 5:45pm

Our Readers' Run-Ins With Virgil, Pro Wrestling's Saddest Man

Yesterday we discovered the wonder and depression of Lonely Virgil, a single-serving Tumblr chronicling the descent of the onetime WWF and WCW "superstar" into a deserted wastleland of comic conventions and indie show parking lots. And then we heard from readers. You people have met Virgil over the years, and you have… »6/05/12 1:30pm6/05/12 1:30pm

The Internet Has Uncovered The Single Saddest Former Pro Wrestler

Mike Jones spent most of his 25-year career wrestling around the world. His only brush with what could charitably be called "fame" was a four-year stint in the WWF as Virgil, the sadsack "bodyguard" of the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. He rarely wrestled, instead settling for escorting DiBiase to the ring, carrying… »6/04/12 4:40pm6/04/12 4:40pm