Hating-Ass West Ham Owner Thinks Leicester's Title Was All Luck

If this were any other year, West Ham would be one of the biggest stories in the Premier League. Here’s a club playing some of the prettiest soccer in the league, paced by hidden diamond Dimitri Payet, and has performed so well so consistently that they are still pressing for a Champions League spot. And yet, because…

Dimitri Payet Wasn't Supposed To Be A Star, Yet Became One Anyway

It’s not often that a player comes into the big bad Premier League and from day one treats the World’s Best League like a playground pitch for him to dominate the way he would any other. But that’s how West Ham’s Dimitri Payet has attacked England. He’s a nearly sui generis phenomenon who, having come not quite from…

The Uncomfortable Middle: Our 2015-16 Premier League Preview, Pt. 2

For the American sports fan, following soccer means a reorientation about what constitutes success. With the success of the top teams reinforced by Champions League appearances and an enhanced global profile, there is a virtuous cycle to being good that makes it even harder to break into the top. At the other end,…


Here Are Some EPL Hooligans Brawling, Because That's What They Do Best

"OY, AN' WOT 'ID I 'EAR YOU SAY ABOUT ME MUM?!" one West Ham fan presumably asked the Sunderland fan across from him. Squaring up, the Sunderland hooligan probably said, "YOU 'EARD ME, MATE. ME AN' ME LADS GAVE OL' MUMSIE A GOOD BOFFIN', BUT YOU'RE GONNA LOOK EVEN WORSE THAN THAT OL' HAG WHEN WE'AH DONE WIF YOU!"