Fan Promises To Run On Field In Exchange For Retweets, Chickens Out

Tonight, while the baseball world watched the return of Alex Rodriguez, another young baseball fan used Twitter to gain a whole lot of attention and retweets in exchange for promising everyone the schadenfreude of watching him get obliterated by stadium security. He began the night with a simple proposition: 1,500… » 8/06/13 1:56am 8/06/13 1:56am

How The Crazy-Ass AL Division Races Unfolded: Visualizing Momentum

The Athletics and the Yankees clinched their respective division titles on the same day, but the paths they took to get there were very different. The A's budget freight train slammed through a Rangers squad that had sat atop the AL West for over 170 consecutive days, while the Yankees barely edged the Orioles despite… » 10/04/12 3:15pm 10/04/12 3:15pm

Is This The Worst Play In The History Of Baseball? AJ Pierzynski Scores From First On A Groundout

In the bottom of the seventh of yesterday's game against Oakland, White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez hit a grounder to the left side of the infield. Third baseman Adam Rosales and shortstop Cliff Pennington both went for the ball. Meanwhile, White Sox catcher and notable asshole AJ Pierzynski took off from first.… » 8/13/12 2:15pm 8/13/12 2:15pm