Getting Screwed With Your Pants On: A Guide To Ignoring The NFL Today

Even by dismal NFL standards, the Colts' stadium deal is fucking bullshit. There's Jerry Richardson using the same extortion mechanics behind public financing to secure "private" construction financing via Personal Seat Licenses, and then there's the Indianapolis Colts just screwing the whole goddamn state of… »1/04/15 1:50pm1/04/15 1:50pm


Anatomy Of A Con: How The Public Was Scammed To Build Candlestick Park

While everyone's free to be as nostalgic as they like about Candlestick Park now that it's probably seen the end of its useful life, it's worth remembering that it wasn't only a miserable place to watch a game, but also a forerunner of the modern public financing con. The piece below, which originally ran in the San… »12/24/13 2:52pm12/24/13 2:52pm

Animated Infographic: Watch As America's Stadiums Pile Up On The Backs Of Taxpayers Through The Years

When Jeffrey Loria decided to once again blow up his Marlins, it sparked a brief outrage over the $500 million in public money that had been spent on the team's brand new stadium. These outrages happen every couple years or so and are forgotten in time for the next bond issue. Public financing of stadiums for private… »12/04/12 9:16am12/04/12 9:16am