How To Order A Bottle Of Wine Like You Know What You're Doing

Going out to dinner with friends can easily become a big event—after agreeing to share a meal together, you’ll have to choose the cuisine, the restaurant, and whether to invite that one person everyone has been avoiding for a few weeks. The decisions don’t end there. Once you settle in at the restaurant, and everyone…


This Clever Carafe Can Aerate Your Wine, and Pour It Back Into the Bottle

Not only does this decanter serve as a classy vessel for serving wine, it also aerates it on the way in. Just press it onto the top of a bottle, and turn it upside down to aerate the wine. If you want to keep it in the bottle, just turn it back over, and the newly aerated wine will pour straight back in. If you enjoy…

French Club Suspected Of Bribing Opponents With Cases Of Wine Mid-Match

French officials have arrested the club presidents of newly promoted Ligue 1 side Caen and Ligue 2 club Nîmes for their suspected involvement in fixing a match at the end of last year's Ligue 2 season. What did the Caen players receive for their services? According to one report, cases of wine delivered at halftime.