Michael Kay Takes "Classless" Shot At Mike Francesa

Today marked the debut of the YES Network's simulcast of Michael Kay's ESPN radio show—taking the spot of Mike Francesa, who parted ways with YES after 12 glorious years together. As they took the air, Kay and partner Don La Greca took a not-so-subtle shot at Francesa, dumping a bottle of Diet Coke in the trash. » 2/03/14 5:09pm 2/03/14 5:09pm

Lou Piniella Made A Super-Awkward Reference To Rape During Today's Yankees Broadcast

So the Toronto Blue Jays took a lot of talent from the Miami Marlins during the last MLB offseason. One could probably find lots of words to describe the trade effectively. "Raided." "Pillaged." "Ravaged." "Pilfered." "Devastated." "Looted." "Purloined." One would probably not want to say "raped." YES Network color… » 3/20/13 5:40pm 3/20/13 5:40pm

"That Was Real, And That Was Spectacular!" Ian Eagle Shoehorned A Seinfeld Reference Into His Call Of Joe Johnson's Game-Winner

I watched this game while sort of glancing at the television and then looking away again, so when I first heard this call, from the YES Network's Ian Eagle, I thought it was pretty irredeemably dweeby, regardless of the quality of the source material. Now that I've watched again and seen that Jerry Seinfeld was in » 12/15/12 1:25pm 12/15/12 1:25pm

YES Network Host Bob Lorenz Arrested On DUI Charges, Allegedly Found Slumped Over Steering Wheel At Stop Sign

Bob Lorenz isn't currently a star on the Yankees' broadcast arm, the YES Network. (He does lots of solid studio work.) And judging from what police allege happened early this morning in Westport, Connecticut, Lorenz won't become a star at YES anytime soon. » 2/08/12 10:58pm 2/08/12 10:58pm