Young Jeezy Is The Heaviest Rapper Alive

Rap is often hard, but it's rarely heavy. That's because hardness is attitudinal, and shows up in all sorts of ostensibly soft music, whereas heaviness is an aesthetic trait—something you can only understand with your ears, and/or your gut. » 9/03/14 2:18pm 9/03/14 2:18pm

New, Fancy-Talking NFLPA Boss Knows His Shakespeare, Young Jeezy

DeMaurice Smith, the rookie executive director of what's left of the NFLPA, is dropping some serious oratory on his constituents these days, name-checking Hamlet, Nicolas Sarkozy, Napoleon, Iran and Young Jeezy, all in one speech. He's the realest! » 7/01/09 4:16pm 7/01/09 4:16pm