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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

10 Or So Minutes Until Dong Time

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Apologies for the delay. For the record, I believe the "Croc" may actually be a slipper, one of those buckskin jobs. There also appears to be a sports hernia.


To keep you entertained, please read this email from a concerned reader about the deplorable state of media or something.

With all due respect, please read my email (now that maybe my subject has your attention).

For the record, yes I live in MN – and yes I am a Vikings and Brett Favre fan – but I do not know Brett. However, this story truly embraces what our culture has become and how the US media is perceived across the world. I believe you stated it best – "News without discretion".

I am the COO and founder of one of the fastest growing technology companies in MN and the country. I work every day to help engage employees, build a better work place with our commitment to drive talent, development, performance and happiness. Our commitment to change. I get up every day to create and leave something behind – something positive that just ‘maybe' will change things. I am far from a saint – but I am trying.

Your latest story around Brett Favre (true or not) is an embarrassment to the news media establishment. Why? Because, this story will attract more attention than critical news stories such as our soldiers in Iraq or those Americans who can't find a job and are getting their homes foreclosed, or those who can't find a meal or those who cannot find a bed to sleep in or a warm place to rest, or those teenagers who are killing themselves because of being bullied for just being who they are. There is a reason why our population continues to be obsessed and focused on stories like this and not on critical reality where real change could and MUST happen. The reason is because outlets like you put it front and center. You don't need to explain to me the rules about privacy or being a ‘celebrity'. I understand that once a person has invested any money in trying to "make money" with their ‘name', they are subjected to this and ‘most' rules of privacy disappear. All of this said, does it make it right to exploit trivial personal life – and at what expense? What is so very frustrating is that smart people like all of you take advantage of this to the point where our publics' interest focus their attention on stories like this. You have the ability to change this. Let me repeat that. YOU have the ability to make change instead of releasing ‘tabloid' stories about the fact you be releasing "cock" photos – which will dominate the media blitz and our country. Change has to start somewhere. A quote from you: "and the three cock photos that we'll have for you tomorrow." Man – what is wrong with you? WHAT is wrong with you? Journalism at its best I suppose? Really? I truly can't believe you are proud of your contributions to the community of journalism, our culture and society.

I will wrap up this email as I am trying to make it short and sweet. Let "personal" stories like this rest. They draw such attention away from what is important. I'm sure all three of you have families to feed and your site and work helps to serve that purpose. I respect that. It is your job and I can't discount that. But – we are in a time where we all have the choice to do the right thing – and not focus on "trivial" news at the expense of others and the expense of our society. If you release this story about Brett, it will be discussed across our country in more details than our wars and critical national interests (like … for example, our upcoming elections?). This particular story (true or false) is between Brett and his wife – period. So your choice: You can destroy a life for ratings - OR you can actually make a change … a real difference. I suggest the later. If this story continues or I do not receive a response, you will hear from me again. I don't expect you to be concerned or worried (as I am just pissed off and disappointed person in the grand scheme of things … right?) – but believe me, I can and will be a pain in the ass. I will put myself on the line for something greater than me – but always with respect.

Let's all work together to focus on issues that really make a difference. If one soldier falls and this story is "higher" in the "headline" news, my disappointment and disgust with you (because this email was sent in advance) will be at an all time high and I will act on my disgust ... respectfully of course, but I will act strong and will not let up. Better yet, maybe you can call the mother of the fallen soldier and apologize as to why there is more attention around "Brett Favre's" cock photos … while the soldiers name can't even be uttered because nobody knows who he or she is.

I expect a response.



Response: Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin.


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