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Meet Syd Davy, better known to Minnesota Vikings fans at 100 Percent Cheese Free (it's Rip The Packers Day, I guess). He was the subject of our About Last Night Wakeup Image this morning, and as promised here's an explanation as to what he was doing at the Patriots-Broncos Monday Night game. Don Chavez has the story on his blog, including an informative video.

Last night I was at the Patriots-Broncos game, when suddenly this strange fella appeared on the big screen. A Viking fan. WTF. Did I miss something? Did I slam a twelve pack, black out, and mysteriously end up in Minnesota? Evidently the Viking fan in question is Syd Davy, aka 100% Cheese Free, and the man is probably the biggest NFL fanatic I have ever seen. This is a guy who drives 7+ hours to get to every home game, from Canada! It turns out the 100% Cheese Free is a huge fan of Randy Moss, and Moss would routinely jump into the arms of Cheese Free after scoring a touchdown in Minnesota. Well, in case you missed it the two had a heart warming reunion last night at Gillette Stadium. People were balling their eyes out like Lassie had finally come home to Timmy after being lost in the woods for two days. Well not really.

As seen in the video, Cheese became a Vikings fan after his boyhood hero, Bud Grant, left the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to become head coach in Minnesota. And the rest is wacky Vikings history. But more compelling is the news at the end of the video that Pinball Clemens may step down as coach of the Argos! NO, NOT PINBALL!! Meet 100 Percent Cheese Free [Don Chavez]

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