101-Year-Old Man Retires From Running Marathons, Shaming You

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Well, it was bound to happen. Fauja Singh, the old guy who is too old to prove how old he is, announced he will be retiring from running marathons. It's worth mentioning again, though, that he is almost 102 years old and still actively running marathons. Next month's Hong Kong Marathon on February 24, however, will be his last. He'll turn 102 five weeks later.

Singh, who says he was born on April 1, 1911, insisted he was not suffering from any illnesses and did not take medicines when he was asked the secret of his amazing physical fitness. "The reason for my good health is that I exercise daily and follow a proper diet regime," he was quoted as saying. "I take happiness in biggest proportions though my actual diet is very small.


Fun fact: I am 31 and training for a half-marathon and I want to kill myself. At 89, when Singh started running marathons? I will likely be dead. But, if I do happen to make it that far, I'm guessing my ambition will rest somewhere between not pissing myself and eating solid food. The Turbaned Tornado (let's get this guy a new nickname before he dies, please?), on the other hand, was running 26.2 miles on a routine basis and plans to continue running (non-competitively) four hours a day.


This is all to say: you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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