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11-Year-Old Does Not Get $50,000 For Impossible Shot Hockey Shot, But Gets Next Best Thing: Nothing

We once again check in with Nick and Nate Smith, the young twins who won a raffle to take a shot from center ice for $50,000. Nick's name was drawn; Nate took the shot. Almost immediately it became clear that the insurance company didn't want to pay out, and today it's official.


Odds On Promotions says that due to "contractual breaches and legal implications," they won't pay the claim. But instead they're donating $20,000 to youth hockey organizations. And we're totally sure they're disappointed about being "unable" to pay out, since it's saving them $30,000. They could have donated 20 grand to the Smiths, or maybe the full 50 grand to charity.

So the Smiths get nothing, not even a tax break. Even though the donation is in the Smiths' names, it's Odds On Promotions that receives the charitable gift write-off.


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